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Another day of .........being thankful!

Hard day for Mom today. She hates the clostomy bag. It makes her feel sick. As time goes om , Im more and more sure she will refuse chemo. Shes tierd, and I understand. Just not sure what I can do.Its been even harder for her, as she knows it has spread to her pancreas. I tell her...........Mom, we all have a circle of life.........just wish she felt she completed it more. She made my life complete and shes told that daily. I drive her crazy!

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Can Communications Help You Overcome Cancer?

Twenty-five years ago my life changed in the most unexpected way; I was diagnosed with cancer. After deciding that I couldn’t undergo chemotherapy, I became determined to find an alternative healing method to regain my health. In pursuit and out of necessity I created a personal development program. Much to my surprise, I soon discovered that the key to maintaining good health was to establish a pattern of healthy communication.
As a child I had decided that the world was a hard place to live and the best way to survive was to avoid problems, wait until the problem disappeared and/or just stuff my feelings of anger and frustration back inside. If I blended into the corner of the room, kept my thoughts to myself and nodded my head in agreement I wouldn’t have to face the consequences of ridicule or physical abuse.


Bobby is my husband who was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer about three weeks ago. He is unable to work because of severe stomach pain. He had his gall bladder removed and that's when they discovered the cancer. I got laid off from my job and now we have no income. Anyone with suggestions as to where we can get help please write back. I got us approved for food stamps this morning and have applied for ss disability, but meanwhile, we need some help until I get another job. He had his first chemo last Friday and was sick that evening and saturday. He hasn't been able to eat more than a few bites a day since January and has lost almost 50 lbs.

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Update on Chat Service from CSN staff

Hi Steve,

The technical team is aware of the outage and has been trying to reach DigiChat for service. As soon as DigiChat responds and fixes the issue I'll let you know. You will probably know before me when it goes back up though.

Take care,

Your CSN Staff

need assistance

Help. Someone else must be having these same issues and are dealing with them better than I am.
My husband had a radical prostectmy last summer and it has seen a very slow progress with a lot of assistance with medications to get any kind of erection. He is feeling that I am not supporting him emotionally and he is probably correct. We tried several times to have intercourse and he felt it was such a failure that it wasn't worth the effort. However, with the absence of sexual intercourse also came a end to any type of intimacy whatsoever.
Any suggestions?
I am feeling that our marriag

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The Spark That Hid Within Our Body

I wanted to create an analogy that would draw comparisons to cancer, both in how it behaves and the images it represents. But most importantly, how the hearts and minds of the men and women in both the fire department and medical community, will always be remembered with fondness & appreciation.

A fire begins with a spark, the cancer starts as it introduces a damaging mutation to our DNA
The spark replicates itself and grows, the cancer cell divides with copies of its own DNA
An ember develops on a leaf, the 2nd mutation in DNA causes further division of cancer cells
Embers duplicate on a leaf, further mutations trigger cell division and expansion

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The thumb

Just recently (3/29/2010)I was involved in an accident at work and the end of my right thumb was amputated. Yes, it hurt like the devil. The bleeding was under control and the pain was tolerable. I put the severed end of my thumb in a plastic bag, stopped at Dunkin Doughnuts and got a cup of ice for the severed part and proceeded to the hospital.

It took about 30 minutes to get there. While driving I went over my past, thinking about the time I was paralyzed in a mountain bike accident (8/2003), my resections (6/2004) and the whole chemotherapy process which ended in Feb, 2005.

By the time I arrived, the amputation to me was like a spit in the bucket. The docs were not able to re-attach the end of my thumb. It will be an inconvenience but we carry on.

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Part 1: Stereotactic Radiosurgery” (SRS)

The procedure called “stereotactic radiosurgery” (SRS) is based on a simple concept. A series of radiation beams converges on a target from various angles. With proper planning, a high dose of radiation is given to a target, usually a tumor, with minimal dose to the surrounding tissue. Ideally this dosage results in destruction of the tumor while sparing function of crucial organs or tissues adjacent to the treatment area, such as the optic nerve or brainstem. For nearly 100 years, this use of “cross-firing” beam techniques has evolved to allow treatment for both intracranial (skull/brain) and extracranial (external to brain) sites. The most widely accepted use for SRS is still for intracranial disease. SRS is now a standard option for many malignant and benign lesions of the brain, as well as some functional conditions

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Part II Gamma Knife: Features & Advantages

San Diego Gamma Knife Center - for treatment of Brain Tumors, Acoustic Neuroma, Trigeminal Neuralgia and other brain disorders.


Radiation dose delivery is planned by placing one or more isocenters. Each isocenter represents a point at which all of the beams will converge for a certain amount of time

Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is the gold standard for the treatment of intracranial (brain-skull) SRS procedures. Its clinical efficacy has been documented across nearly four decades, with more than 350,000 cases treated worldwide providing the data for 2,000+ publications in peer-reviewed medical literature. The treatment planning process begins as a cooperative effort between neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist, and physicist.

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Part III. Cyberknife: Features & Advantages

Source: Stanford Medicine » Stanford Hospital & Clinics » Clinical Services » Centers of Excellence » Neurosciences


The CyberKnife differs from the Gamma Knife by employing real-time X-ray images to guide treatment; and as a result has expanded SRS to sites outside the brain. Extracranial (outside the brain-skull) radiosurgery has enormous potential as a standard treatment option but is still largely an emerging application. Data, yet limited, have demonstrated promising results for certain tumors of the liver, lung, and spine, and for radiationresistant histologies.


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