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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Got a lomilomi massage today. the physical and mental release allowed me cry when she touched the lower back. It was weird like a button into inner emotions built up from a difficult week at work and the emptiness from losing mom. Illona is my red tent.

B. called twice this weekend. she wanted to sing to me on the phone. It was hilarious. she actually knew a Black Sabbath song. Couldn't throw out artists names fast enough for her. Remembered mom told me once she and B. would talk early on weekend mornings through Skype and she'd dance and sing all her songs. I thought it was cute at the time and how it was special "grandma" time. Now it's auntie and B.'s time. I cried when she sang Izzy's version of Over the Rainbow. Couldn't help it. Didn't let B. know and told her she has a beautiful voice. She keeps me going, remembering what my job is as the new jeffecita in the family.

my brother and cancer

my brother is 37 years old and has cancer. he is the father of 6 children. he has a rare cancer.a germ cell cancer. he is going through kemo. he just finished radiation. the kemo is making him real sick. 3 days of vometing. how long will this last?

'Effect of light therapy on sleep and ‘chemo-brain’ in breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy'

Initial Award Abstract (2005)
Institution: University of California, San Diego
Investigator(s): Sonia Ancoli-Israel , Ph.D. -

Introduction: Patients treated with chemotherapy complain of poor sleep, fatigue and depression. In addition, chemotherapy disrupts the body's internal "biological clock", which may make sleep, fatigue and depression all worse. Women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy are not exposed to much bright light and this may also contribute to the disruption of their body's internal "biological clock," because bright light is necessary for a strong biological clock. One of the easiest ways to strengthen the biological clock is by increasing bright light exposure. The correct timing of the light exposure will help the women feel more alert during the day.

Hair Loss - Keep Sense of Humor

My sister sent me head coverings from www.quiethairgrowing.com They really helped me keep my sense of humor while dealing with the hair loss from chemotherapy. The hair loss was more traumatic for me than the removal of my right breast. Check it out! Has stuff for both men & women.

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Getting ready for the Gym in the morning

Well,I am up to 17 times at the gym in 6 weeks and counting. I am going Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but I have to add one more day. Of course, eventually I would really like to go 5 days a week and be off on the weekends. I will work on it. I lost another friend this month to breast cancer. I didn't know her well, but she had a wonderful positive spirit and I will miss her. I try to use things like this to motivate me to keep working on my health. Whenever I think "Why am I getting up at 5:15 am to get to the gym and work out" I have have come up with this reason: It is because of all of my friends that have died from Cancer, they can't and I still can so I will do it for them.


What they thought was an Enchondroma in the top of my femur-nothing to worry about had been seen by Xray about 2 1/2 years ago. Now it has been diagnosed as a Chondrosarcoma; I had a biopsy last June-came back inconclusive. Mayo clinic said to get it out to be sure. Removal of a plum sized tumor last month-because I was having lower back pain-mostly at rest or too long in the car. Now it is a level 2 of 3 Chondrosarcoma.
They are removing my left hip and ten inches of femur on Tuesday. The CT of my chest came back clear-no sign of it spreading. But I'm pretty scared-lots of stories about chronic pain after the prosthetic limb and hip are implanted. Titanium implants, anyone else have this surgery?

cttoxan and taxatere

I had my first treatment yesterday and have no side effects---just some jitteriness from the IV steroid in the IV. I, too, had strange scalp sensations during the treatment. Is anyone receiving prophyklact iv antibiotic therapy with their treatments?

Al's Journey

I was diagnosed with GBM stage 4 Brain Cancer, on 14th February of 2009. I had gone to Texas and Hawaii with my wife Dixie for a convention, for work; we had been gone for about two weeks. When we got back our kids had came to greet us at home. My kids had noticed something was wrong by the way I was talking and my facial muscles. My wife thought I was having a stroke so we rushed to ER and did lots of test only to find out that it wasn’t a stroke at all it was a tumor the size of a golf ball. I had the surgery immediately. The doctor came out and told my family that he removed more than half of it. About two weeks later before I was about to started chemo and radiation, my wife and I went to see the oncologist. She asked if we had seen the photos of the tumor yet, and my wife said no. She then put both pictures up side by side, before, and after. We were asked if we noticed a difference in the size of the tumor. There was no difference; the doctor had only done a biopsy. We then decided it was time to get a second opinion and asked around to find out which doctor we should see. We were referred to Dr. Keith Black. We were told it would be impossible to get an appointment with him, but it would be worth a shot. Thank the Lord; because we received a phone call back that week from Dr. Black notifying us that we were able to get an appointment with him. Dr. Black wanted to do a second surgery right away; he felt he would be successful with the recetion of the tumor. I asked what my options were he explained the possible out come but he would do his best to minimize them. I was against the surgery and wanted to try the chemo and radiation I was scared to have another surgery for fear something would happen and having to go through the recovery again and regain my strength back. So I choose the treatment instead surgery.

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Life is a dance and cancer just another song

Five years out and I wonder? Is this all there is to being a survivor? Is there more? With pen in hand, yes there is......

Simply put,

(He) understood that to truly conquer a wilderness, you must not only survive in it yourself but make sense of it for others.

Miles Harvey

Feel free to contact me for any reason: douglassballentine@yahoo.com

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Climb to Conquer Cancer

February 27, 2008
South Mountain
Registration is at 5:30 am


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