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Hard Stuff

This is harder than I thought it would be. Of course my dad being the dad he always has been is taking it all in stride and probably doing better than me. We are going for his second chemo today, I don't want him to have cancer and sometimes I get really mad than I think of all the small children that hasn't even had a life yet and has terminal cancer, I am sooo greatful for what I have had with dad. I try not to be negative and have to tellmyself to stop it...well he is ready to go so off to Enid for another day with some really nice chemo nurses....

newly diagnosed

Just found out yesterday of the diagnosis, olfactory endoblastoma. Researched the info and was devastated to learn it was a cancer. Feeling better since reading the blogs. Questions i have about where surgeries were first performed? We live in ny. Mount sinai medical center is recommeded. Can anyone share where their surgeries were done? We have also researched the center in Philadelphia. We need help.

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Bear with me

On Monday Jan 18th I lost the sight in my right eye, the cancer has mets to the brain. A tumor is applying pressure to my optic nerve causing the sight to become so messed up I have to keep it covered. I am also suffering from unwanted movments of fingers and hands and legs, so Bear with me if I have alot of mistakes when I post, I am learning to deal with this new problem, but it can be very frustrating to say the least, but this to will comem to pass.

Just remember when life gives you lemons, throw them back as hard as you can.

The link to my mothers Caring Bridge site


adrenal cancer

I was diagnosed w/ adrenal cancer in 8/09. My oncologist has treated 10 cases in his 10 year career. He doesn't know much about it because there isn't much to know. Mitotane looks like the only game in town.

Does anyone have any new information about the post-surgical treatment of stage I adrenal cancer? There is one European study that suggests mitotane lengthens time to relapse. That's all well and good, but I'd like to find any other info about treatment options.

I know there are only a few of us stage I's out there, but any info/support is appreciated.



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Good days for dad!

Hello my csn family,
Just wanted to give you some recent "good" news concerning my dad. He has recently become much more spiritual, has begun to pray a lot more, and has accepted Jesus Christ as his savior! He will be coming to church with us, and even wants to get baptised again. This is a huge step for my dad. We are most proud of him. God is good. Dad has been able to cut back on his pain meds. We will meet with the onc again on Jan 28th, and discuss the chemo treatments again. Thanks for your prayers and support throughout!

How Did This Happen?

I am a 63 year old white male who retired in November of 2008. I was doing all the things I had neglected around the house and beginning to enjoy life.... In October of '08, I came down with Swine Flu....I was miserable.... after three weeks and the "end of the flu", I began coughing up blood. I called my doctor immediately; went to office, she sent me first for X-ray, which indicated a "large mass", later that PM I went for a C-scan, confirmed mass; saw Oncologist next Monday; without giving my life story, on December 2, 2009, approximately four weeks after initial coughing of blood and the X-ray, I had my left lung removed.

Every day .......

..... is a new adventure. Ater blogging yesterday, I get a quick, sharp stab of pain in my chest right about where the "thing" is on the left side. Great. Lasted a few seconds then went away. Then it happened again. Overall about a dozen times yesterday. And it is continuing today, especially when I take a deep breath. And it's not that I have to take a deep breath, it's that I "want" to, if that makes any sense to anyone but me. Guess I'll give it the rest of the day and if it still hurts tomorrow I'll give the pulmon. man a call. Can pretty much guess the answer will be to continue the amazing wonder drug amoxcillian and do the ct next Thurs. then we'll make an appt., then we'll see....... Gonna be a long month! On the upside - day 30, no smokes (and thanks to the amox, can't even swill a glass of wine.) I really need to focus here at work. My accountant comes in Friday to look over the books and get me and mine ready for the tax man and here I am looking up stuff on the web, typing down the random thoughts in my head. My priorities are seriously skewed. But then, so is life lately.

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Check out my blog

I keep a current blog about my brain cancer experiences at http://thelizarmy.blogspot.com.

here we go

so where do you start, where do i go from here ? my name is cary and i could use some help trying to figure out da vinci surgery or seeds and radiation. im at stage T1c and 53 and in good health and want to stay that way so how do you decide ?

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