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whats going on

Hi! I am a 54 year old living in Missouri. Have always enjoyed good health but did go every year for a physical, pap, and mamogram. October 14th I found an enlarged lymph node in my right arm pit. Having gone thru menopause I had not not done a breast examine since the first of the year. I found a lump in the right breast. Had to mull these findings over for a few days. I did have my yearly physcial and mamogram scheduled for November, but the first of the next week got in an made a doctor appointment.

You all know the drill Dr. sent me to have mamaogram, then they scheduled me for a needle biopsy. Got the news on Oct 30 that it was cancer. Envasive poorly differentiated ductal carcenoma. Report said stage 3 but oncologist thinks it is stage 2. Either way it is an aggressive cancer.

osteosarcoma of the spine

I was in pain from my right side all the way down to my feet. My pcp thought I had pulled my ciatic nerve bc I was an avid runner but after months of pt an mri on my 24th birthday left me to find a tumor on my L5 vertebrae. The doctors in pittsburgh quickly sent me off to boston mass general hospital where the best doctors for this type of sarcoma. After two surgeries chemo chemo chemo radiation and two different bowel obstruction surgeries I am currently in remission. But I'm having trouble with walking falling running bc of complications fromthe first surgery they say it will take a year or so for nerves to come back but I've been working hard at pt and I'm walking ok but I'm scared for the future everyone says it will take time but I wondered if anyone else out there has experienced something similar and how long it took them to get feeling back.I'm hopeful but also find it hard to sleep at night I also am worried about a recurrence in the five years they hav given me for the bone cancer to be able to come back I'm only 25 and right before I was diagnosed I started sending applications out to become an art teacher in pennsylvania. I am still on disability and obviously not ready yet to return to my career I kno my life is just on hold for now but I was wondering if there was anyone out there in a similar situation to me???? A 25 year old female aspiring to be an art teacher but afraid for the days ahead and what I worked so hard to become is it just goin to be different now? Will I have to just volunteer? Will I find someone willing to handle my problems that I already have. I have a strong sense of humor and creative mind but have been willfully tested so much since juine 2008.

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"I'm out on the border"

(The Eagles reference)

Exciting week. PT Lady and me, we stretched my boundaries, vis a vis the mouth opening. I am compelled first to let you know that I once heard the average mouth opening is between 40 and 45mm, if I got it right. I am further compelled, then, to offer that PT Lady advised her mouth opened more than 50mm.

If you know me, you know I had something in mind when she not only told me that but showed me. She IS 60 years old and about to retire, as she indicated to me, but she is a fiesty lady and a lady who was certainly in her prime a very attractive lady. Add to that the fact she has this power over me at the time (I am adding here various snippets from the crime novels I am over-reading, apparently) and she strikes me as a strong and rather attractive woman.

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One Day and Sometimes One Hour at a Time

I wake up in the morning knowing a new day has begun and I should be getting out of bed but there usually are those moments when I fear and dread engaging in another day. Somehow staying still in my bed in the dark seems safer than getting up to face the reality of cancer and an uncertain future. So I take it slow and bargain with myself to make coffee and then I slowly and tenatively go through the actions of a normal person doing daily tasks.

Problem is that life in the last few years has been very difficult and its taken a lot out of me. After trusting someone for over 30 years, he confessed to me that he had lied and I was in financial ruin in late 2007. Moved home in Nov 07 to live with my elderly mother devastated, lost and emotionally decimated. Found a psychiatrist and cried for months on end. One week in May of 08 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the following week my mom went into the hospital until her death March 25, 2009. With my mom in the hospital, I had a double mastectomy, 16 rounds of chemo and after her death 5 1/2 weeks of daily radiation. In early June I received my second cancer diagnosis which was much more difficult than the first and was reclassified as stage 4 cancer.

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Here's a Site That Can Give you Comfort as It Has for Me...


blogging on my own website

i post some on my blog...vickirichards.net. Learning how to use it. I'm a musician, traveling with compression sleeve, getting B 12 shots and general musings are also there.



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MELANOMA – Do You REALLY Know What It Is??

Melanoma. If you have even heard the word before, the first thing you probably think of is skin cancer. No big deal right? WRONG!!! It doesn't take Melanoma long to become deadly. It is one of the most aggressive cancers there is. There is NO CURE. The only sure treatment is surgical removal. If you catch it early, your chance of survival is very good. Even then, the odds are that it will return later. However, you should know what to look for because if you don't, you won't catch it early. That's what happened to me.
If you have any moles on you that have recently appeared that you haven't had since birth or existing moles that have changed in any way, please have them examined by a dermatologist. Sometimes (more often than you would think) even the dermatologist gets it wrong. I have met a few people since my diagnosis that tell me their dermatologist told them it was nothing to worry about only to find out a year or two later that they are Stage III or Stage IV. They had developed respiratory infections and X-Rays revealed "spots" on their lungs or other parts of their body. My advice to you is to have anything suspicious biopsied - YOU have to insist on it!!

Racing for a Cure

Hi, I'm Ricky Byers and I am a 2 time cancer survivor. I wake up every morning with a true sense of accomplishment. I just love life. Knowing that you can beat cancer is truly a great feeling.

At the age of 33, I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Little did I know that I was about to fight the biggest fight of my life to date. During my 5 year fight against Laryngeal (Throat) cancer, my biggest inspiration came from the 7 time Tour De France winner, Lance Armstrong.

Reading Lance’s story and using all the tools that are available to all cancer patient’s on his website, was an absolute lifesaver for me. Knowing that it is possible to beat this and knowing that people like Lance have spent their lives raising money for research, cures and helping cancer patient’s find information about their illness is truly amazing!

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Laurie's Labors of Love

This has been an amazing journey since June, 2008. Please feel free to join me here:

I hope it will offer support, hope, laughter and love.

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