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I miss you both so much , it hurts everyday .

On Feb.6 2009 i lost my Wife Mary to terminal Cancer . Mary was one of the strongest Wife,Mothers and Daughters that was in my life. Mary battled Cancer from Feb.2001 until she could no longer fight it . The pain that our entire family has gone through . It became to much for Me to accept. All with in a short period of time ,i lost MY wife MARY,my two step kids Matthew and Megan,my four Pugs Dontay,Daysha,Demi and Shelbi also ALL the belongings in my house. Now,if that was not hard enough? On March 22 2009 i lost my Mother Ruth also to terminal Cancer. My Mothers battle was not quite as long as My Wife Mary.

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Thank you for some information. All have said the best way to "healthy" treatment is the cancer surgeon. I was thinking the same and that is why I scheduled appointments with alternate Gyne doctors to have my case reviewed. The doctor that I saw yesterday stated it needs to come out sooner than not and he would not do the procedure but assist the Gyne-Oncologist that he would refer me to. So that is good news I am feeling much better knowing that I will be getting the right surgeon for the job. The first Gyne was I guess a bit over confident with his abilities and NOT looking at my care.


fallopian tube cancer

Recently I was diagnosed with Stage IV fallopian tube cancer which I understand is rare. I had breast cancer 37 years ago and a second primary 20 years ago. My treatment following surgery is the same as that of individuals being treated for ovarian cancer. I have had three treatments of taxotere and carboplatin thus far. This diagnosis was certainly a shock as I had a high tumer marker count on my routine visit to the oncologist and he suspected a recurrence of breast cancer. I would be interested in hearing about anyone else with this diagnosis.

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My life is frozen

I just had my second biopsy done on Thursday. The doctor made an incision right over the last incision and he dug in much deeper this time. I am sore all over and can barely move my neck. This recovery process is going to be much longer than from the last surgery a week ago. My onc thinks I can get my results on either Monday or Tuesday.

I met with my onc again this past Wed. and he explained to me that I have swollen lymph nodes in more places than I though. I thought I just had the large one in my neck that was 3cm and the one in my chest that is 14cm. HUGE. Turns out they are lined up and down my neck, trachea and into my chest. I haven't had a scan yet to see below my abdomen. THis was pretty shocking at my appointment cause I realized it is worse than I thought. My doctor is convinced its Hodgkins and now we are just waiting on the results on the second biopsy.

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"Crazy little thing called love"

(Queen reference -- can't believe I did this... I always thought they were covering)

I find it extraordinary that our love transcends generations, transcends experience, transcends connections, that we can love so strongly people who are tied to us not so much by society or personal history but by genes.

I find it not so extraordinary that in the hours of my daughter's recent labor, my daughter was my first concern.

Once the baby was born, once Patrick Ry came into the world, he became real. Before then, if he was real, and he was, he was not as real as Erin.

To me.

That may be a horrendous truth to reveal to some people, even to Erin, now that I think about it, but it's the truth nonetheless. As the thing got dicey, I was more worried for her than I was for the soon-to-be Patrick Ry. That's just the way it was.

I found out today

To all who read
Greetings and salutations, what i found out today rocked my world. I had bladder cancer last year and had my bladder and prostrate removed. Two weeks ago i went in for my 1 year ct scan. The Doctor found some tumors. He did a biopsy my oncologist told me today that the cancer came back and mesticsed or whatever you call it pronosis not good talk to you later

Living the Life out of each day

My husband was diagnosed with signet cell adenocarcinoma of the appendix on Feb 19,2009.
They did not remove his appendix due to the large tumor surrounding it.
He then was scheduled for chemotherapy (Folfox Five) on 3/24/09 thru 4/24/09 to reduce the tumor size so that surgery could be done in June of 2009. Surgery was not able to be done in June due to the large tumor load.
We now entered stage IV of inoperable cancer.
So we recovered from the surgery incision and then began our first cycle of chemotherapy on 7/22/09. We were on a three month cycle with chemotherapy for a week and then off a week. We were to complete six rounds and then reevaluate. He was placed onto Xeloda, Arenatican, and avastin. My husband did very well on this treatment, trust me it was no picnic but the tumor markers continued to be very low and we were at least fighting the growth of the tumors. We had about six months to share our lives and we lived the life

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Just me

Ok just a little bit about myself. I'm a 29 year old mother of 4 beautiful children and wife to a Marine, which I'm so proud of my husband. I was diagnosed with Hodkins Lymphoma on February 6th 2010 2 weeks after delivering a beautiful baby girl. I'm currently going through chemo and it sux!! I cant wait to beat this cancer and continue my life. Im thankful for God and all his blessings it keeps my feet on the ground.


Diagnosed with Mucanous Adenocarcinoma Nov 2009 Stage1V Grade1
Originally was to undergo removal of a 3cm. non-malignant growth from one ovary.Spent 14 days in hospital: removal of my uterus, partial large bowel, plus appendix:
Being treated in a private hospital in Perth, Western Australia which has an area specific to cancer management. Nursing staff wonderful, but now on my 3rd Oncologist who is an asset. Previous 2 were anything but helpful and caused my daughter and myself a tremendous amount of angst
Commenced Chemo mid Dec.: originally on a 3 week cycle but varied by Oncologists viewpoint. Xeloda tabs + Oxiplatin to begin with. Xeloda reduced from 6 - 4 per day. Avistan added cycle 5.

breast reconstruction

I was diagnosed with dcis 6 yrs ago, had a radical mastecomy and opted for immediate reconstruction using the expander/breast implant method in NY. 6 yrs later, the cancer returned to the other breast. This time , it was stage 2. Had another masectomy, opted for reconstruction in florida. On March 9th, i had 2 new implants placed into my breast cavities. After seeing the results, i am not happy. They are different in sizes,shape and texture. Has any one had this problem and did they go back into the or to have it rectified.


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