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What can I do to save her?

To the kind-hearted all who read it:
A week ago a tentative diagnosis showed that my grandma was in the third stage of adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Doctors said that it was not suitable for her to have a surgery or receive chemo-treatment and they would use gamma knife to kill the tumors. I don’t know to what extent can the disease be cured in that way and is there any other better method to save her life?
As she has been coughing and feeling a sense of depression in her chest and coughed up blood once, I’m really worried about her. Could anyone give some advice on the treatment and therapy? Thank you very much for your reply. I’m looking forward to it.

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Vals story

I went to the Doctor at the end of July/09 after being bit by a wood tick, not being from wood tick areas I thought I had a mole on my back, I got my husband to check it and he informed me it was a wood tick and pulled it out...... that was the start of my finding I had cancer. Thought I might have lyme disease (bulls eye rash and all, also a swollen lymph node that has gone hard and stationary). I feel very lucky that I have a pro-active doctor who put me through the whole gamut of tests, at least to try rule out lyme or the co diseases that go with it. Lyme disease is an incredibly political disease.

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i am felling abused

Renal Cell Patient Looking For Support

I have a friend who is currently undergoing treatment for renal cell cancer and is on torisel. She is looking for someone who is going through the same thing to talk with. Any suggestions for her?


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Chondrosarcoma New Prognosis 10-14-09

I went to my cancer Dr today for follow-up on CT scan. The nodule that was first located 2 months ago in my left lung has nearly doubled in size. ( Though its measured in millimeters ). The scan also revealed that my right lung has 2 new growths. Under these conditions surgery is not an option. Radiation would be ineffective. Chemotherapy is the only option and dosen't hold much promise. My Dr has recommended that I go to a specialist in Chondrosarcoma at Duke Medical for clinical trials. I will consult with the Dr there on whether I will proceed with further treatments. At this time I don't foresee a cure for my condition.

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I can't leave the house for organizational and emotional reasons. Is there anyone who understands this with or without ovarian cancer? I have to many things to do so I don't know where do start and I don't feel like doing any of them.

Please help!

Hi, I am 48, I went through a tram flap 3 years ago. I have had the most incredible pain in my stomach since then. I get cramps like a charlie horse in my gut all the time. It is not in the same place each time either. I have had test run to no avail. No doctor has been able to tell me why I get these cramps. Does any one out there get these?
Thank You

61 year old dad diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to his brain

I am a 26 year old male and I am the 5th child of 8 kids. My father is 61 years old and still smokes. He has survived major cardiac issues throughout the years and is living with a pacemaker and a difibrilator.

On 7-28-09 he was rushed to the ER with stomach pains. He survived a high risk surgery on a perforated bowel. He was told he has Stage IV metastatic lung cancer that has spread to his abdominal area and caused the perforation. He met with an oncologist in the middle of September and found out that he cannot start chemo since his stomach scar has not healed completely. He also found out that it has spread to his lower back.

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Roxie Manix

I love my Grandmoter She passed in 2001 of ovarian/colan cancer i love and miss her so much.......


Hello to all. I was diagnosed in July 2009 with TNBC. I am going to Fox Chase Cancer for my treatments. So far I have done : Ct, Muga, bone scans and an MRI as a follow up to an abnormal bone scan.The Mri was a relief to me because it didn't show any cancer in my sternum. I am a mother of 11 yr old twin girls, and a son 30. I received my first chemo treatment on the 5th of October, 2009.So far the nasea is not to bad. Taking the Rx from doc. to help. Dealing with this cancer is a pain in the port. My husband is not saying to much about this , I know he is afraid for me. We have been together for 27 yrs.

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