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I am wondering if any one else has had multiple occurrences of squamous cell skin cancer? I have read so many different types of treatments but my plastic surgeon just wants to keep cutting my skin away. I have three holes in my back three huge scares on my chest and skin graft on my face. The cancer keeps coming back. I am 41 years old and I am tired of looking like the bride of Frankenstein. Does any one have some advice? I am a nurse and I still can not get the right answers

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Sometimes the life cancer deals us is worse than cancer itself

Well as the title says the effects of cancer in my life has been harder on me than having the cancer itself and I don't mean from chemo,surgeries,sickness etc ( which I've sure had my share of)with having 4 surgeries,so many sickness having to be on antibiotics several times so far having to stop treatment for things happening etc.
Not being able to work and make money, being a single mom of two kids with cancer, having a child with special needs,and currently doing 44 weeks of chemo is taking its toll. Last week lost my place to live, and being homeless sleeping in my truck for a few days I made the decision to place my children in foster care which is proving harder to deal with than the cancer, I have sold everything I can sell and finally 3 days ago got into a very small house but its a place and I am working on getting things back together to have my kids back with me..through all this I caught pneumonia lovely I know.I have missed several chemo treatments now going through all this, and shed many a tears.I just pray this is the start of putting things back together and that I have hit the bottom and now Im on the way back up.

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24 hr Dad Update

Hello my csn friends,
It has been 24 hrs since dad said he wanted to give up. Thanks to you and all of our prayers, he has reconsidered. He started taking his chemo again this morning!! Amen, Praise the Lord! He has 6 more days of 6 pills a day, then a 2 wk break, and then a pet scan to see what is going on. We are all so very proud of him. Thanks again. I could not have made it this far without all of you.

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"A cheeseburger in paradise"

(Jimmy Buffett reference)

Nearly three weeks now among the tribe of the tubeless and I survive.

How DO you people do it?

It seems like I had the tube for my entire life. I am from an alien planet where the species is comfortable in lifting its upper garments in company in order to ingest nutritious substances. I am from an alien planet where we stockpile mass quantities, to borrow from a horrid old movie, and reach for them first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and at least a couple of times in between, to satiate our hunger. I am from an alien planet where we expose our tube to the young and even to the older among us to preach with impact the foible of smoking dangersticks.

A Wife That Dreams

Sometimes live seems very hard to deal with since my wife passed away from stage 4 lung cancer. My wife name is Mira. Mira was my LIFE, MY SOUL and every part of MY BEING. Mira was born in the Czech Republic, was an actress at the young age of 16. Please see memorial and photo's here: http://www.imorial.com/Mirka/

As part of her caring for others Mira donated her body to cancer research to the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, in Lewisbreg. I did not want to do it because there would not be a memorial. Because of my devoted love for her, I did as she requested. Before she passed away, we found this site list above, which help me alittle to give the love of my life a memorial.

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Stanford Cancer Center versus the Dinosaurs

So, I forget where I left off here. Brief recap:

Jan 5th - Suspicious lymph node of 3-cm size and 4-month duration. Visit ENT. Red flag.
Jan 7th - FNA biopsies by Yosemite Pathology are inconclusive, and node is labeled as inflammatory. Red flag.
Jan 20th - ENT Doc disagrees with this result (and ADMITS to me later that he was already suspcious that I had lymphoma, or other serious cancer). Red Flag. ENT removes said lymph node.
Jan 27th - ENT finally admits to me that it was Mets SCC. Dicks around for a couple of weeks trying to get approval from my Anthem Blue Cross insurer for a PET-CT, gold standard of diagnostic care. Approval denied. Must get cheaper MRI first.


A year ago I had my first lumpectomy...
two lumpectomies and 5 weeks of radiation later... I am doing great!!!
I am currently working on my Master's degree and counting my blessings everyday.


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Took the day off today. Didn't care I wasn't getting paid for it either. Tried to pay bill but it didn't work. Got off-task and filled contacts on itouch.

david worked this morning. it was nice to have the place to myself for a change.

he bought me m&ms. I ate the whole bag. It is my comfort food at this time.

Made cornbread. sinfully delicious and wonderfully relaxing. ate too many muffins when they came out of the oven. didn't realize until stomach hurting then wondered why.

miss my mom. staying home didn't help in feeling better. hugged her urn. is that gross? it seems natural and feels calming.

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Dad has decided to give up!

Hi All,
As of yesterday, 2/24, my dad has decided that he has had more than enough with his cancer journey. He has stopped taking his chemo meds. Dr at UVA said that dad has lost his control of things, and this upsets him. Give him pain management for a couple of days, so he feels he is back in control, and maybe he will reconsider. I am just a bundle of mixed emotions. I can not force him to continue with his chemo treatments, and I have to respect his wishes, but then I keep thinking but.....what if? What if he finishes his chemo treatments, we get a pet scan done, and it shows that the cancer is shrinking? If he gives up now, we will never know.

IL-2 commences

25 Feb 2010
After alot of prep: putting in the PICC line (main line IV), EKG, Chest xray, getting settled in bed. They finally started the IL-2. First dose at 12:00am and just completed second at 8:00am. No problems yet. Feel mildly groggy, but otherwise ok. Alot of various fluids on full drip. They said I'd gain about 20-25 pounds from fluid retention, but they would get rid of that later. They taped an oxygen sensor to my index finger and because I'm a two finger typer, I'm pretty slow now. Staff is great here at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital. On the ball and are in checking very regularly, plus all the monitors. Well feel like napping so I'll update later.


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