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Stress level high - can I ever do anything according to plan?

I just had my scans (CT and Colonoscopy and bloodwork) and everything looks good. New research indicates that my particular type of appendix cancer probably won’t recur (even tho it was Stage IV). Lots of good news from the drs. Why am I so upset?

I’m having more surgery – hernia repairs to the multiple incisional hernias I developed as a result of surgeries and treatments. My surgeon is also taking another look around to be sure nothing is there. He’s also doing a scar revision – my incision became infected last time, and left some really ugly defects that make me cringe to see myself (and bother my husband as well, tho we both agree that I wouldn’t have surgery just for cosmetic reasons). All fairly routine – 5 days in the hospital, a few months to recover.

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CSN Chat Service to be back up Today or Tomorrow

From: greta greer on behalf of CSNCommunity.Specialist@cancer.org
Sent: Thu 5/06/10 8:38 AM
To: steve zabel

Hi Steve,

The IT folks have decided to go ahead an launch the new chat so we'll see what the "real world" experience is. They plan to launch today or tomorrow.

The new chat is also a Java-based application so people who had difficulty with Java or with lower band width connections will likely have a similar experience with it. Otherwise, I think everyone will like the new chat better than the old one. :-)


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Trying this place out

So, I was talking to my mom today and she suggested I try this site out for possible support, so here I am!

About me...I'm 29 years old, married now for 6 years. No kids, except for the furry 4-legged kind. One cat named Tango and a puppy named Bo. I currently have some physical pain in my ankles that restricts me from working, so I am unemployed currently. I spend my time doing crafts of all kinds...mostly quilting though.

I have been clinically depressed for the last eleven years. I have taken medication for it the whole time and it has mostly managed fairly well with the medication. It has really taken a shot to me lately.

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Follow the Bouncing Boobs: "Mommy Can They Be Filled with Feathers?"

Can they be filled with feathers. Can they be filled with feathers? What a warm and wonderful version of this terrifying experience Sydney had devised.

I think to myself, "Down comforter implants...not a bad idea at all."

I had done my job. My girls were not at all focused on how deeply in trouble their mother really was. But just enough in tune to roll around the possibilities of how they could fix it with glitter, glue and scotch tape.

I wondered if anyone could see the dark cloud thundering over my head that followed me around with the obnoxious pink neon motel sign with arrow pointing down at my head flashing 'BREAST CANCER', 'BREAST CANCER'. I couldn't shake it.

want to know ladies IDC/ stace 3

Some computer keys not functionin. Cemo was first, surery second, waitin for radiation. are many stace 3 folks out wit breast cancer similiar to mine.????


I am waiting for a call back to set an appointment for the onchologist. I had my first surgery on 4/15/10. Breast cancer removed and all 14 lymph nodes removed (cancer was present in all of them). Second surgery to remove more breast tissue was on 4/22/10. Cancer still there. Third surgery was 5/1/30, more tissue removed (I wear a DD cup so I have plenty to spare). A little bit of cancer is there, but doc thinks that it is ok. I get to keep my breast. So, I am eager,and scared, to start my chemo, then I have to do radiation.

Metastatic Malignant Melanoma

Any Metastatic Malignant Melanoma survivor? May I contact you to discuss how are you feeling? My mom is suffering from Metastatic Malignant Melanoma stage IV. How I should hang on?

Please response something to me.


April Fool's -The worst Joke ever told

April 1, 2008 : April Fool - The worst joke ever told

During spring break I saw mom slowing down her activity, becoming annoyed with small things and then small red spots on her skin appeared. She complained of a nagging pain in her femur bone on her right leg, we tried to put hot pads but nothing worked.

I distincly remember one morning when mom had gotten up to make dada some breakfast, she had come upstairs and layed down on my sisters bed saying that she wanted to sleep for a bit. I still remember the sickening feeling I had in my stomach that moment. She N-E-V-E-R stopped working because she didn't feel good, she never stopped doing anything at all actually. Denail probably sat in because I didn't think it was anything serious and told this to my father. Dad said he'd notice the change too and would take her to the doctor's as soon as possible.

First Scan after Chemo

I was diagnosed in October with endometrial cancer, fortunately it was stage 1A. I had a total hysterctomy. I had six sessions of chemo of which I tolerated very well. I have had my first scan after the last chemo and was told that I am now in recession. I would love to talk to survivors or patients who I can give some support to. I know what it feels like when you have been diagnosed with such a aweful disease. JA

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What do the words on the MRI report mean?

Hi all, it looks like we will be friends for the next few years at least. My husband had a lump on the right side of his neck, complained several times, had a biopsy about a year ago and nothing was found. Had a lung procedure where the Dr put a camera into his lungs 8-10 months ago, nothing was found. Shortly after his 72 birthday, he had an MRI and our world may have changed forever. I am copying the report here becasue I want to know if others out there had the same wordings on their reports and what it means in terms of severity and survival. We pplan on fighting this all the way and asking for as many miracles that may be needed for him and each one of you out there, but we want to know how big the fight is going to be and what our short term plans should be as to seeing people that he has not seen in many years. Here is the report listed below. We are obtaining a DR in our area for the next step,biopsy I guess and then a plan to go forward. I have read many of your blogs and they have given me a great arsenal to take to our doctors visit, Thank you all.


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