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A Story of a Healing Heart

Cracks of My Heart

If you trace my heart, you’ll find a maze of cracks. These cracks have different sizes, some are deep, others shallow, and all have their own shapes. The one thing they all have in common is that each one remembers someone who either were diagnosed with cancer, fought the savagery of cancer, or passed from this world from it. These cracks have withstood the weight of time and show the exacting toll from seeing others engage this beast called cancer. These cracks also live and breathe by slowly healing as they shrink upon hearing our father’s cancer is in remission or when a good friend cries out their treatment is over. The cracks of our heart heal when our child who faces removal of a tumor thru surgery shows us they are not afraid and for us not to worry.

Re: InVance Sling

Had surgery 7-11-2000. I have used pads daily since then about three per day. Recently, it has been more 3 to 6 depending on what I do for activity. Activity has always been about the same except that I have done more work like remodelling in our summer home. I have been looking at doing the InVance sling to help the incontenence issue. Will it help minimize or eliminate the problem? What will happen to ED. I can usually have normal using the Cialis 20mg. Will I compromize this? I want to be dryer and eliminate the pad usage!


Cancer is back

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in July of 2007. I underwent a colon resection followed by several months of chemo. On a PET scan in April of 2009 a "spot" showed up on the outside of my colon where it had been resection. I went to have a marker put in and the"spot" was biopsied at that time and all reports came back negative. (The spot was so small that the surgeon wasn't sure he could find it, and said during surgery he would just resection again for good measure). The Dr. doing the biopsy wasn't sure he actually got a piece of the "spot" because it was so small. So....no surgery was done and a new PET was done in Nov. 2009. This showed a small amount of growth of the "spot" but also showed the cancer has metastasized to my lungs. Now I faced with a "6 months to a year" to live with out treatment, or back to what appears to be really nasty chemo.

What radation does to the viginia

After all the treatment chemo and radation I would never of figured I would end up with more problems. Just had surgery to open up my viginia. Also dealing with insurance on getting dialtors approved. Why do you need them and what are they for kind of questions.
Had my doctors appointment and my viginia want to go shut again.........I am really frustrated and wondering if there anyone else out there going through this and is not posting.


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"Chantilly lace, a pretty face"

(Jerry Lee Lewis reference)

It turns out that my wife WAS able to get an appointment for me, vis a vis the case of the leaking tube, prior to next week. For today, to be precise, for "sometime after 2 pm so be there at two and wait ... bring a book".

As if.

My tube is not leaking to be precise. My tube LEAKED. Notice the tense. As of now, it is not leaking. And, be assured, if I have problems with waiting when I go to see my doctor for a PRECISE appointment, I am certain I will have issues with waiting when I go to see a doctor I do not even know for an IMPRECISE appointment.


Hey I also wanted to thank all of you in the chat room. This ( the chat room) is new to me, and I have already found it so HELPFUL!!!! WIsh all of you ONLY the best from this day forward!!!! Thank you for sharing your stories, etc......it is addicting!!

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Latest Update on my dad

Hey All,
Just wanted to give you a quick update on my dad. We saw the ongologist on Monday, 1/4. He suggested to start the new chemo treatments as of 1/19. We have been discussing this the past few days, and have decided that dad is not strong enough to handle the treatments. He is still recovering from the recent stent procedures. He is tired and weak. Since he now has the esophageal stent in, he is able to eat better. We want him to gain some weight. Like the drs. said, he needs to "beef" up before the treatments. I spoke with his ongologist this morning, and he agrees with our decision to wait. We will let this go for another 3 weeks, and then see how dad is feeling. Thanks for listening, thanks for being here, I will always do the same for all of you.

Having Cancer

I made a dr's appt in November because I found a lump in my breast and had a large mass under my arm.

The dr stated that she did not know anything about the mass and had me directly go to the Altoona hospital for a mammogram and untrasound of the mass.

The next day I received a call regarding the results of the tests. An appt was made to go see Dr. Diana Craig in The Joyce Murtha Breast Care Center in Windber Pa. At that time the biopsy was done along with the fna. A few days later I was called in for the results.
Which came back positive. Now this all happened since November 17th. December 30th I had my surgery, a lumpectomy and 10 lymphnodes removed. Today I got the results of the surgery. The lumpectomy was good, the dr had removed all the cancer. The tumor was 7.5 cc in size. But the lymphnodes that were taken out proved positive. So now I am told that my chemo therapy will be very aggressive. It is treatable. I have had bone and body scans done and the cancer has not spread. Which is a plus for me.

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"Don't let me down"

(Beatles reference)

RugMan came today. We have a deal with RugMan. My wife, I should say, has a deal with RugMan. And before your nasty minds get to working on overdrive, it happens that RugMan is related to the husband of one of my wife's good friends. If that is confusing, let me add to it by saying that, in fact, I am the key component here, as I coached RugMan's brother's (cousin's?) son in the beautiful game many, many moons ago, and gave the young man great confidence, or so it seems, as he loves me to this day (the young man, now happily married with a couple of kiddoes) and so, somehow, I get my carpet cleaned pretty inexpensively.

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"We're only human, yes we are"

(Jack Johnson reference)

I pretty much decided that after four years, when this PEG tube I am now supporting like a kangaroo supports its joey fell out it would be the last.

I eat. Lots of stuff. Enough stuff that I decided some time ago that when this one fell out I would be done with the tube altogether.

I make a point to advise others not to become dependent upon the tube and really feel like I have not become such myself: when this one fell out, I would be done with it.

This one has done well ("Good job!" -- another Jack Johnson reference), as I really expected it to drop awhile ago.

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