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surviving radiation therapy

Extreme fatigue and nausea after the sessions... seven weeks, with chemo on mondays to enhance the rad. My problem wasn't cancer, it was recurrent pleomorhic ademonas in my head. Now I wonder if I shouldn't have bothered. It's only been a week since treatment ended. I hope I live thru it so I can go back to work someday; otherwise, I shouldn't have bothered cheating fate. I feel so tired... :(

Healing Heart - Leukemia

I was diagnosed with AML (leukemia) May 2009 and my world just stopped. In January of this year I slowly started to loose my energy. feeling run down. Doing regular daily activities started to become harder. Then I requested a blood test from my dr and found that the hemoglobin was very low. I was referred to a cancer specialist for more blood tests then was diagnosed with leukemia and rushed to the hospital to begin chemotherapy. I've had 4 treatments already and have one more to go. With the help, support and understanding of my husband I'm doing well. One day I was fine and the next I was very ill. Looking forward to finishing these treatments and getting back to my life. Keeping an open mind, positive outlook, and thinking about what I would like to do when in remission. I think I'll take up some activities like horseback riding, swiming, cardio exercising, riding a bike. Keep my body moving.

IV Iron & Vitamin B12

Wow! My oncologist had gently "yelled" at me yesterday during my appointment for my Hgb level. It was 10.8 - down from 11.2 on August 4. So his nurse called me today to say I'd been scheduled for IV iron on Friday. And while I was at it, he wanted me to receive a vitamin B12 shot for the next 4 weeks, then for every month for the next few months after that. Yee-haw. I've heard about those B12 shots! Frankly, I'd rather have the IV :-) I have this phobia. IVs are easy - the needle goes into an empty "space" where there is room for it to go. When you get a shot, the needle goes into a space that isn't empty and forces a liquid into a space that isn't empty. It gives me the heebee-jeebies, and I don't like it! OK, I'll admit it - I'm a big baby about it, and will whine incessantly about it with every injection. Waaaaa!!!!!

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Stage 3A Lung CA

My mother just had her rt upper lobe removed with 6/30 lymph nodes that were malignant. she is Stage 3A T2,N2, I am trying to get any information on chemotherapy using vinorelbine 40 mg and cisplatinum 120mg.
My mother is being treated in Germany. I was there with her to talk to oncologist and start her chemo.
Hearing the word cancer is hard enough but not being able to be there for my one angel is devastating. The one person who took care of me my entire life and now I can't always be there for her. Beleive me I did not want to leave her. I will be flying back but just 2 weeks. As for the oncologist he said he will only be doing chemo when she originally was suppose to do radation too. They do not get PET scans done of the Brain only prior to surgery. They will not have her CEA level checked at all. This def. does not sound right. I would like to know what test are done during chemo such as the blood work, what test like ct, mri or pet scans that need to be done either during or after. Anything to get a jump start to make sure they do the tests even if I have to pay for it.



Treatment Plan - more hurry up and wait!

Just got back from my first oncology appointment. Can't say I was really surprised. Plan is as follows: 1) Surgery to remove ALL the lymph nodes under my right arm. 2) Interferon

It's back to hurry up and wait. I was hoping to get in to see the surgeon this week (it is Tuesday), but the "first" appointment with the surgeon my oncologist recommended isn't until 28 August. I know, I know, it really isn't THAT long a wait. It just seems like it. However, she is a breast surgeon, and that's all she does. Since taking out lymph nodes is a "subset" of breast surgery, she is definitely who I want for the job.

Advice on Father's lung Cancer

I am my father's caregiver. Last month he was told he has stage 3a squamous cell lung cancer age is 71. He is not able to have any type of surgery, and doesn't qualify for radiation therapy due to the size of one of his tumors this one is 12cm. My problem is why do I feel so guilty? And I even question that. I feel that I sound selfish when I use the word I. When he seems to be so calm. He wants to start Chemo which I have setup that appt next week. At this point I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do. All he keeps saying to me is that he will do anything I want him to do.
Any suggestions or advice on how to handle this? I really need for him to make the decisions.

raw skin suggestions

Somehow I am unable to find my other name or anything on here so I have had to start over on here.

raw skin suggestions

Somehow I am unable to find my other name or anything on here so I have had to start over on here.

husband just diagnosed with melanoma

I think I might be on the wrong network, but my husband has just been diagnosed with Stage III melanoma, and I am scared to death. We are at MD Anderson right now, going through testing. So far, it is in two lymph nodes on the right side of his neck, but one of them looks like it is getting bigger every day! I think they are going to start him on something called Temador? and try to shrink it, then do surgery. He is 45 years old. Has anyone here had any experience with melanoma? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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