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Survivor 17 Years and Counting

Hello everyone. This is my initial blog on CSN. 17 years ago I was dianosed having colon cancer. After the surgery to remove the cancer and about 17" of my colon, I started Chemotherapy. It lasted 10 months. After that, and with regular appointments with my oncologist, I beat it and started living my new found life again. That is, until recently.

gleason 9

Hello I am new to this network and feeling very lost.  Five weeks ago my boyfriend went to get blood work done at a physical.  His PSA was 40.  He was then referred to a urologist.  And the fun begins.  Not really, We are both feeling lost, scared, confused and very unsure about his future.  It took three weeks to get him in for a biopsy.  Also did another PSA test.  PSA now at 48 got biopsy results and his Gleason grade is a 9.  The seminal vesicles also show advanced cancer.  This week we are trying to get CAT and bone scan scheduled.  The doctor says its very aggressive.

My daughter Jordin Bailey

Hi my name is Lisa and I have a daugthers who has a high grade glioblastoma grade 4.  She is 8 years old is now on radiation  and chemotherapy on her 22th day.  Another 18 more days until we have another MIR or CT scan done.  July 26th, 2016 we found the tumor was growing.  She had to have emergency brain surgery to remove fluid build up. That was caused headeaches, dizzyness,  double vision  and headaches, that sometimes leads to throwing up.  Now on the 20th day her left side is twitching and jerky barely  any control.  Just a matter of weeks this changed her. 

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Three things cancer has thought me, among others.

i found a lump in my left axilla in Feburary of 2016 while out of state, helping my elderly parents for the winter. I immediately had a mammogram and ultrasound and good news, no breast cancer. However the lump didn't go down so in April when I got home I went to my doctor, who had me see a surgeon within a week. The surgeon didn't like the swollen lymph node, and found another just above my collarbone. A ct showed it was probably some type of metastatic disease and the biopsy confirmed. Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma from an old skin cancer, that had been removed with clear margins.

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Hi, I am my husbands fulltime carer. He was diagnosed June 2014 with undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma. Previously known as MFH. After several rounds of Chemo, a limb salvage operation (his primary tumour was in his right distal femur) and a lung resection he was considered cancer free by December 2014, the best Christmas present ever. Unfortuneately our relief was short lived when satalite cancer cells were detected in the soft tissue at the original site early in March of 2015. this resulted in amputation above the knee on March 31st 2015.

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Diagnosed Feb 15 2016, Triple Positive, Lymph Node Positive, Stage 2

Hi, I'm Melissa and I just turned 50 in July and I'm telling you this is not what I thought 50 would be like. 

Cancer concern

Hi can anyone help I had breast cancer in 200 and had radiotherapy and tamoxifen I went nearly 5 years and it returned after a mastectomy chemotherapy herceptin and letrazol I have been clear for 5 years now I am undergoing a hysterectomy in October as cancer is rife in my family and have just lost my sister to ovarian cancer and my cousin is terminal with cancer in hips spine lungs and brain I am worried as I have gone through the menopause due to medication as my cancer was hormone fulied I have felt very hormonal tearful of late and have had aches under my ribs dose anyone no if this is

2 time survivor

I have Had and beaten cancer twice ,However the last time (Oct 2013} the end result was diffrent . The left side of my jaw (mandible) was removed and I have asked if there is a  replacement for the jaw that was removed and have been told that there is nothing that can be done. My problem is that the right side of my remaining jaw is pushing to the left and have lost ability to use the left side vocal cord and has reduced my ability to talk, chew , swollow and has increased the pain level in the sholder and neck area.  Now this was all done through the VA.

Day 2

Yesterday, Sept 13, we met with Dr. Jaffe to get the confirmation about Tom's Stage IV Renal cancer which has now spread to his lungs.  I learned about the diagnosis on the Stanford portal following his lung biopsy.  I forwarded the link to Jana so that she could confirm (or deny) what I thought I was reading.  The next morning, Friday, I told Scott and didn't tell Tom until that evening.  His comment "I just can't get a break" and that was it.

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Hey, how are you'al doing?  Just hang in there, we are going to make it.


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