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Struggling wtih fatigue

After cancer, still struggling with fatigue. Do you have any suggestions to add to my article here? Please? Thank you! http://www.curetoday.com/community/barbara-tako/2016/06/tired-of-cancer-fatigue-let-me-off-cancers-merry-go-round

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I Read a news "Coffee May Protect Against Cancer, W.H.O. Concludes"

" An influential panel of experts convened by the World Health Organization concluded on Wednesday that regularly drinking coffee could protect against at least two types of cancer, a decision that followed decades of research pointing to the beverage’s many health benefits. The panel also said there was a lack of evidence that it might cause other types of cancer.

Newly Diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Hi everyone.  I am a 49 year old African american women just diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  This completely knocked me off my feet. Before diagnosis, I was ignorant about breast cancer....had no clue that there were different kinds!!!!! To my surprise........I could only shake my head in disbelief!!!!  I need to hear from survivors!!!! I started my 1 st round if chemo yesterday( chemo,surgery,radiation) due to large tumor, 5+cm. I have faith, but do get weary at times since diagnosis.

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About me

Hello I got diagnosed on Sat 4th June 2016 at 1.30!.  Since then I have had some emotional moments, they said the tumour is

The size of a golf ball on my left kidney, they are going to remove the whole kidney, they also said it hasn't spread but I'm so scared and annoyed with my body!!, I have a pre-admission appointment on the 29th of June, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

A bit about me I'm originally a Londoner but now live in Edinburgh.




My thymus was radiated soon after being born

I was born in 1948. I have had problems with my immune system since infancy.  Some physicians know that this so called treatment was done to a cohort of babies but, researches don't seem interested in following us.  Seems like a good opportunity for a longitudinal study.  I went to an endocronolosit once and he said, "Give me a call if you get cancer."  I thought that if I self-identified, I would be put into a group - not! I haven't had cancer yet, but I have cysts on my thyroid, liver, pancreas & kidneys.

Washing Dishes with Cancer Chapter Thirty-one.

I am not a writer.  I don't know how to begin and end chapters properly.  I don't know how to write according to the rules of writing.  And I apologize to anyone who reads these chapters.

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A Survivor! My Journey

I made it! Now I m recovering from radiation. I m cancer free! I will have a petscan in August just for a check.  Oh by the way I am Cindybear and I had Squamous cell karsanoma on the base of my tongue; where my tonsils had been removed at age 3 >Diagnosis was November 1st, 2015. 1st surgery was November 20 to remove all tumors and 50 lympnodes.  Second surgery was Dec 19,2015 to correct the margins around the tongue areas as they had not gotten it all. Then 30 days of radiation to make sure the nasty doesn't come back.

First Round of Chemo and what I Learned

Preceding chemo, I had chemo brain.  Strangely, the anxiety and worry about getting chemo caused memory loss that returned after the first chemo.  

I learned that there are solutions for many ailments during treatments and not to keep them to myself and suffer in silence.  The oncology doctors and nurses have many tricks up their sleeves.  Call them whenever in doubt or concern, and especially if you feel badly. And share it with your support family and friends Other wise they don't know when you need physical or emotional help. 

Nuelasta pain

My mom recently was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer. Some involvement of the stomach and Bowel. She had a hysterectomy done and on Monday had her first round of chemo. Which went surprisingly well. I think that being a first time diagnosis you see all of the commercials and hear the horrible stories that people have to go through. It's scary. For her and for us. However, after the chemo she was feeling good. Went to get her nuelasta shot the following day. Her joints have been on fire ever since.

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IT Feels good to survive from cancer. I believe my aunt will survive.


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