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Dreadful possible complications of thyroid cancer treatments

I was 34 when I was diagnosed to have papillary thyroid cancer, stage 1B. I immediately sought onco-surgeon who could help me remove the diseased thyroid gland. 4 weeks after total thyroidectomy, I undergone i131. Thereafter, I started to have my hormone replacement treatment. I started at 50mcg to 100mcg. Then after 3 months my levothyroxine was adjusted again to 100mcg MWFS 150 mcg TTHS... but I was still hypothyroid. On October 2014, I was hearing ringing on my left ear and experiencing extreme dizziness. It was found out that I have meniere's disease.

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The Other C Word

I count myself lucky in that I had never vomited while on chemo. It took a carrot to make me do that. One raw carrot.

I've never had any problems with carrots, raw or cooked, in the past. But this one sent me on an approximately 30-hour odyssey of severe stomach cramps and the inability to keep anything down, solid or liquid.

Squamas Carsinoma of the Lungs

My husband had cancer of the neck and underwent surgery to remove it, afterwhich he he underwent a severe round of Radiation treatments.  He now has the above in his lungs and has undergone a few rounds of chemotherapy.  My he is doing well but he gets frustrated because he has lost his taste and has no saliva, and everything that he tries including water doesn't taste like it's supposed to.  He chokes frequently because of the loss of saliva, everything sticks to his throat.  He is basically living on ensure and a little clam chowder, minus the clams and potatoes and so


I would like to inform people that have had lymph nodes removed becuase of cancer, lymphedema could occur within month or years after surgery.   This is called Secondary Lymphedema.

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Renal Cell Carcinoma


I'm new to this group today.  In 2008, after taking anticiotics from January to June, a urine test indicated cancer.  The big "C" word.  After an exploratory to deternine located and type of cancer, the prognosis was Renal Cell Carcenoma.  A tumor was attached to my left kidney.  On October 27, 2008, my left kidney was removed.

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would love to talk about double mastectomy due to cancer

I would love to talk/write to someone about my double mastsectomy and re-constructive surgery due to breast cancer. Thank you

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A little confused

I had my first consult with chemo and radiation doc's. I will be having 30 treatments of rad, but they offered me 3 treatments of chemo but said it was optional. They said it the chemo would only be 5% effective. My iniatial reaction is take the 5% and be happy. Im looking for any comments or other opinions.

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New to blog

Hi, my  name is Tim, I was diagnosed with SCC of Maxillary sinus. They removed half of my palate, a 5mm tumor that was in and under my nose, all of the inside my nasal cavity and a good portion of my left nostril, all of my teeth, all of my upper lip, most of the inside of the right side of my mouth and 91 lympnodes, mostly on both sides of my neck. Figured it would be easier to explain this in plain english than medical terms. I was in surgery for 10 hours and 1 day in ICU. I had a flap that was placed below my nose and and half of my upper palate.

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Just a little talk


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