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Folfox 5FU at Age 79

My wife is 79 and has just completed treatment 5 out of a possible 12 following succesful surgery removing bowel tumour. She has infusions over 2 days including anti-nausea, oral steroids and injection of 6mg Neumasta to stimulate neutrafil production. Previously very fit, we are active walkers, and so far she has been able to walk 3 miles by the end of each cycle.

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7-Year Stage IV Breast Cancer Survivor, Thankful and Hoping to Encourage You!

I hope my story gives folks hope... I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2009. After successful treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center, coupled with a radical plant-based, mostly raw, diet and lifestyle change, I have been NED since the 5th month of my chemo (since the fall of 2009). I have writen song lyrics to pass on the hope that I held onto. I hope it blesses the reader. The song is titled "You Are Not the Captain," copyright 2014, and has been recorded by a gifted neo-soul artist in SC.

I remember the day you gave me the news,

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My husband's journey

The son that just needs to vent and let it out through this tough time

How can I even start?.....well my dad just went to a regular colonoscopy and came out with shocking results....i still feel like I am in a dream like I should wake up by this bad dream or just feel numb especially when patient's come in with abdominal pain or headaches. I guess it started after his regular procedure...found a pollup in the colon area scheduled surgery removed it and was at hospital for recovery but before they closed him up upon surgery they found another pollup in the pancreas area. A few days later biopsied that and found out that was carcinogenic as well.

CA / thyroidectomy 11/1955

yr0I will be 79 years old on 07/23/2016. After my husband was discharged from the Navy March of 1955 we moved to Ypsilanti Michigan near my sister to get a job in The Auto Industry.  We had a 2yr old daughter and I was expecting another in July. July 13 she was born. When she was 1 month old she developed Spinal Meningococcal Meningitis. We were unaware where she had contacted it. Her temp went to 6+ along with convulsions. We took her to my landladys daughter who worked for a Peditrician.

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Vulvar Cancer confused

i went for my annual and Doctor saw an area of concern. He did a punch biopsy and said it was VIN and I was scheduled  a partial vulvectomy. He took more off than was planned.  Went back for my checkup about 5 days later and my pathology report showed no clear margins. Squamous cells and also an area of invasi squamous 2.8 into basement membrane   I am scheduled to see oncologist on Wednesday. Any info or advice is welcome. Thanks in advance

My hubby has been on Lupron just over 3 and 1/2 years, pain, numbness in leg and hip

My husband was diagnosed in Dec. of 2012 with Advanced Prostate cancer, metastasis to bone in his lower back. He was put on Lupron and had 14 days of radiation to the bone area with mets. He has had numbness and pain in his leg on the side where the mets are. His lower back pain has increased and he is concerned if this is more cancer, although his PSA has been stable at 0.13 throughout the 3 and 1/2 years of treatment so far. Is it possible the cancer could spread even though the PSA remains this low? He also has had bloating on the same side in his abdomen that comes and goes.

Found the CSN Group

Today I found the CSN group, which I'm sure will be of great assistance in diagnosing all the medical dialogue I will receive in the future. Thank you new group.

Gall bladder cancer stage 4

Hello everyone,

My mother is suffering from gallbladder cancer stage 4.

She is suffering from stomach pain and some fluids swelling inside the stomach..doctors had already pull up there hands ...they told me that slowly slowly all the organs are damaging..but I didn't give up hoping ...I will try for the last moment anyone know anything about this ...then please suggest me ..my email id : www.avanishtiwari@gmail.com 

Its urgent please reply me guys

Squamous cell in stu of vulva

In 2014 was diagnosed with squamous cell on my thigh was removed they got it all 2016 diagnosed with squamous cell in stu of vulva had surgery remove cancer ,1.8 so PET scan done I have pre cancer.Next taking lymph in groin both sides 7/20/2016 to stage


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