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UPDATE: Results from the CAT scan

So yesterday we got the results of my CAT scan at my oncologist appointment (before the weekly chemo) and they are not as good as we hoped.

• the pleural effusion (liquid around the lung) is still there (we were hoping it resorbed)
• the cancerous spot in my left lung is still there as well, and not much smaller if any
• the cancerous mass on my ribs is still there as well, and not much smaller if any

Lung cancer. Stage 2.

I am a 63 year old female. My name is Judy.  I found out I have lung cancer stage 2 in my right lung. I have had tests and biopsy done. I am just waiting to see surgeon on Thursday to fing out what will have to be done. I am pretty sure part or all of my lung will have to be removed. That is if my tests prove that I am ok for the surgery.

I am new to this site and to blogging!

I am a cancer survivor, probably a miracle that it was found so it could be treated and so far no recurrence. I had surgery in July of 2012 for Ovarian Cancer.  When my doctor opened me up, he found I also had endometrial cancer.  Both were considered 1A  I believe is what they said.  I had a full hysterectomy but they did not recommend any further surgeries or chemo or radiation after this. 

I am writing thiw at work and need to come back after my lunch break.  I will continue later.

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I am a 66 yr old male diagnosed with EC October 2014.  I have done chemo and radiation and surgery.  My hiatis esophoectomy was do e on March 5 2015.  I was in hosp for 10 days and released wirh a large opening in my abdomen which was to be dressed 2 times a day.  My sister and wife were instructed how to do this.  We also had home health helping.  We had a complication on the third dressing change.  I started to have pain and  my wife and sister were concerned about changing the dressing but decided to change it at about 10 oclock that night.

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When A Hospital Changes Hands

My partner was going in for routine blood work, which we've had done for years at a collection station less than a mile from home. This time, when we walked in, a note tacked up on a partition told us to see the registration desk immediately.

Bone Marrow Cancer Secondary to Breast Cancer


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My dads angiosarcoma journey

My dad was diagnosed with angiosarcoma in April of 2014.  He had had enlargement in his left chest area. The initial dr drained a liter of fluid off. Just to have it return within the week.  When draining the second time, they checked the fluid and found evidence of the dreaded "C".  After 2 months the damn insurance co and an oncologist finally referred him to the surgeon,  who said this must be removed now.  The mass was totally encased.  The surgery consisted of the surgeon and a plastic surgeon.  Plus multitude of other professionals.

about me

I am 50. Ive been fairly healthy my whole life. Hardly never got sick and I take no medication.  About 3 years ago I developed a lump on my left clavical. It was a large mass but soft to touch. Went for a cat scan and was told it was more than likely a lipoma and not to worry about it. I also get neck swelling where my neck and back meet. When it swells its really sore and limits my movements.  A nodule was also discovered in my upper left lung and in my neck. they were both small so once again I was told not to worry about it.  This was from a Pulmonologist.

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I think chemo is getting to me. :(

I am starting to get more side effects from the chemo...
Much more nausea and vomiting, problems with focusing, keeping myself in logical mode (and not have my emotional mode take over, and with too much intensity)...
Not liking this at all. :(

I didn't realize chemo brain included not only trouble to focus and memory hickups, but also "mood swings", not making sense and being at times controled by my (stronger than they should be) emotions.

Bladder cancer question


This is my first time blogging. I am currently undergoing chemo for Breast cancer and so far all my concerns have been addressed but I am sure at one point I will be asking more questions. I have 12 more sessions of taxol to go. Just finished 4 rounds of A snd C yesterday. 

My reason to blog today is for my 85 year old mother who has bladder cancer and also visually impaired  she has had bladder cancer fo over 15 years and has had many treatments and surgeries..


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