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Oral Cancer Survivor

I found it early!  I had partial glossectomy and neck dissection at UFHealth last October.  Cancer for 6 months!



Survivor of three different types of cancer and now another one to conquer

You know, what we can handle in our lives, with help from God, is truly amazing! 

I have survived renal cell carcinoma in 2006, one type of breast cancer and a mastectomy in 2011 and another type of breast cancer with another mastectomy in 2012. 

I was recently diagnosed with macroglobulinemia and I'm awaiting the results of the immunoelectrophoresis to find out the cause.

I am trying to stay positive by creating quite times for meditation with my higher power. These times bring me peace but I also need a community of friends. Tag, you're it!

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Shh! Be Wewy, wewy qwiet…

My partner has a saying: "When in doubt, overdo it." Over the past few years, she has slowly been backing away from that habit. As someone with MS, it's hard on her. As her caregiver, it's hard on me. As her caregiver and a cancer patient, it's become that much harder on me.

My Journey - Entry 1

This may seem strange to begin a blog when I am going into the 6th year of my journey - I guess I really expected to only have a 2 year journey and then one thing led to another & here I am.  This is the first blog I have ever done, although I have journaled some and done a bit of writing.  I have finished my 3rd week of treatment (Taxol) in Cycle 1 - have had side effects I've not experienced in other treatments.  In researching, which my sister & I have done a lot of lately these past few years, I ran across Blogs and this helped me to know what to google so I could speak to my d

Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm Remission

I want recent and future BPDCN patients to know there is real hope with a new treatment of SL-401 through Clinical Trials. Hopefully this treatment will be approved soon. Here is my story of diagnosis, treatment and remission.


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On Circumstances

April 13 will mark three months that I've been on Xarelto. My GP tells me that I can stop taking the blood thinner at that time. Then, some months after that, we can do another follow-up ultrasound. It takes time for the clot to clear completely, she said.

I still feel some very minor discomfort around my jugular vein when I yawn. It feels like a mild version of the discomfort I had felt after my port had first been inserted. My scar from the port removal continues to heal and my surgical skin remains in place. I still have a bit of venous swelling in my right arm.

My Journey

March 25, 2016 - today is my second week of chemo and I still don't fully understand the bottom line of my diagnosis.  Still working on getting the pathology reports so I can hopefully understand the diagnosis = treatment.    I still have to cut my hair because the nurse said my hair will begin to fall out in another week.

I have 6 cycles of chemo.  Each cycle = 3 treatments for a total of 18 weekly treatments, then fall back to 1 time every 3 weeks.  Full year of chemo treatments.  Hair will begin to grow back after the 18 weeks.

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First Diagnosed: A Plan of Attack

My scans have revealed all the cancer is completely resolved as of September 2015. I was diagnosed in June of 2015. That was 4 months. The most difficult part of the entire process was definitely the initial diagnosis. Being told you have cancer especially when it doesn't run in your family can be very staggering. To say the least.

Stage 1A endometrial Papillary Serrous Cancer

My 84 year old mother was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in November and had a total hysterectomy end of December.  She is scheduled to have 3 treatments of chemo then radiation and 3 more treatments of chemo.  So far, she's had her first chemo treatment with no side effects.  I'm assuming that's because she had a low dose (1 hour) and just one medication carboplatin. This week her oncologist recommended to increase her dose to 3 hours with carboplatin and Taxol. I'd like to share your experiences and what to expect during this process.

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I had my follow-up ultrasound on March 18 for my port-related blood clot. The upshot: My subclavian vein is still partially blocked, but it is well on its way to being fully open again.


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