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Another ER trip

I am using this as a journal to document my journey even if it's not cancer in the end!


Everything was going ok except for being in constant pain. On the morning of May 29th I woke around 8am. Within just a few hours of being up a major stab of pain hit me and wouldn't go away. I had trouble walking up/down my stairs. I attempted the grocery still and about cried from picking up my crying 2 year old in the middle of the store. Finally around 8pm I decided to go to the ER.


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Chemo Warriors

The first time I walked into the chemo bay on May 8 -- not just to the reception area, but to the lounges themselves to take a seat, I was more than a little nervous. My chemo port was still fresh (and still sore) from having been surgically implanted two days before.

first step into our new reality

  The dermatologist said to keep our eyes on the spot.  We did.  Seems it is changing in size and color.  Had it biopsid. Dermatologist called and said she only saw MCC twice in her 25+ year career, and you were the second case.  The first diagnoses happened a month ago.


one year now that i had my last chemo. the epaglattis gland was burned off during radiation. but i have learned how to eat solid foods. still have tube in my neck and feeding tube in my stomic even though i dont need it. they wont take it out. posting this hoping to find others with no epaglattis gland.

Stomach cancer stage 4

This comes as a total shock .. I am desperate for help 


many of my friends is against chemo and ask to try altenative treatment 


pl give me you opinion 

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Make It Rain

Monday was my day to get groceries in preparation for chemo later this week. By the time I got to the store it was near closing time, due to some unforeseen delays.

First, I had slept in, which is a good thing.

Then, my scalp started feeling tender in the early afternoon. I gave it a gentle rub and watched strands of hair float down to my lap. A bit more rubbing and a small clump dislodged.


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Are we there yet?

Today I am tired. Understatement no? 

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Five days until I begin Chemo Cycle 2.

A mental alarm bell went off this past Thursday. First, it was time to call and reorder my anti-nausea meds, which are due to be delivered before my next infusion.

Reaching Out

I am a ALL cancer survivor.  The words don't sound like much to me right now.  It was a long time ago and now I'm back to "real life".  But I know how scary it is when your in the middle of it all and what it is like to carted, poked and proded.  I'm here to lend support.  I want to help those going through what  I went through.  I value those who supported me and I want to do the same.  

About DLBCL...Diagnosed 8/23/2013

Last year 8/23/2013, I was diagnosed having a Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma Stage 4 AGGRESSIVE. With all the test been done MUGA CTS Spinal Tap PET Scan. While waiting for the Bone Marrow Biopsy, my doctor decided to treat me sooner. The Pet Scan reveals that its all over my body. First  treated me with R-CHOP (ist cycle Chemo). It's a day chemo infusion When the Bone Marrow results came it shows the bone affected. So the plan change for the 2nd cycle I will receive  EPOCH (5 cycle at least). The EPOCH tend to be Inpatient for 4 to 5 days every 3 wks.

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