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Vulvar Cancer~My cancer is Where?

I was referred to Gynocologist by my primary care physician for exam. She found a suspicious patch of white skin and preformed a biopsy on back side of vaginal opening. The results were invasive squamus cell vulvar cancer. I've been referred to a Gynocology Oncologist who I will see tomorrow, I want to reschedule or run away. I'm so depressed I almost wish-no I just wish it will be a small tumor and everyone diagnosed with cancer could have a happy outcome. If anyone reads this who can help me understand whats coming please help me.

My boyfriend is dying of HCC

My boyfriend was diagnosed with HCC on July7,2014 and has not been doing good at all. He has been in and out of the hospital and has other complications from his liver cancer. Just after he was diagnose he caught pneumonia and has been battling that since last month. He now has been in the hospital since July 31,2014 because of his breathing and heart rate was up which landed him in medical intensive care for 4 days. He was move to a regular unit on that Monday and his stomach and legs had so much fluid on them.

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My story of myelodysplastic syndrome

I traveled all of the time. Get on a plane on Monday morning and returned home Friday night for fifteen years now. When my last contract terms were fulfilled, I had time at home between contracts to see my primary care physician. I complained of being tired all of the time and napping during the day. My complete blood count showed pancytopenia. Abnormally low levels of red and white cells and platelets. I had a pretty good idea of what the problem was as I had been a clinical laboratory director for many years and hematology and immunohematology  was my specialty.

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Watching the Bloodwork

This past Thursday was my fourth Taxol infusion. Eight more to go!

Full size

At least, that's the plan. We'll see what my body says.

thy cancer stage 4 met to lungs

I have had a thyroidectomy done in 3/24/2013. my surgery lasted over 10 hrs there was cancer nodules even in my right shoulder area. the thyroid was removed and after the surgery I was given a radiation dose of I131 pill. after all this including the isolaton for several weeks, I had the ct scan done. This showed to be clean. We were ecstatic. this was in June 2013. I started to feel the same pain in my neck and chest area as well as feeling tired all the time. This I thought was due to the levthyroxine I was taking. My blood work showed the ay be cancer again.

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Got a little overwhelmed today. So instead of dwelling on s biopsy outcome I decided to spend the day cooking. I made homemade tortillas and enough zucchini bread for the whole family. So to whomever is just feeling too overwhelmed with anything I suggest finding a good distraction that makes you happy to pass the time!

Myeloma Crowd on Cancer Connections

So excited to he featured in the Summer issue of Utah Cancer Connections magazine.

depressed man with cancer

hello cancer survivors,

Renal cell cancer metasteses returned to spine after 14yrs.

My husband was diagnosed with renal cell cancer in Nov 1999 which had spread to the L-5 vertebrae.  Afyer his right kidney was rrmoved and the tumor removed from his L-5 vetebrae and rods put in his back, he was doing pretty good.  He did have radiation.   in 2013 his right foot was dropping, but no cancer was reflected on MRI.  In fact doctors told him he might not hsve to return for 2 yrs.  However, he kept getting severe pain in his back and leg, and in March 2014 his MRI showed the tumor had returned to L-5 and ate half of L4 veterbrae.

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big day

Today is the day that hopefully the will take the biopsy. Hoping it comes back clean. I don't want cancer a 3rd time.

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