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Nuelasta pain

My mom recently was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer. Some involvement of the stomach and Bowel. She had a hysterectomy done and on Monday had her first round of chemo. Which went surprisingly well. I think that being a first time diagnosis you see all of the commercials and hear the horrible stories that people have to go through. It's scary. For her and for us. However, after the chemo she was feeling good. Went to get her nuelasta shot the following day. Her joints have been on fire ever since.

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IT Feels good to survive from cancer. I believe my aunt will survive.

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My new journey

I was just diagnosed and had my first treatment via chemo for stage 2B breast cancer. Before the chemo I had found a large lump in my right breast. It is 4 cm. I had a mammo, ultrasound, biopsy, bone scan and an mri of both breasts. Cancer is also in my lympnodes on my right side. All other tests were normal. I was in denial at first until I met with my oncologist to explain my treatment plan. Then i was angry, sad, mad and why me..what did i do to deserve this. But then I thought no one deserves this. It's God's plan. Maybe something great will come of this. 

My Jibber Jabber Summary of my Journey

My story is rather long, and still continuing as a daily struggle.

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Non HPV related Anal Cancer

An update and some changes from original info provided in About Me. I have also posted this entry from 6/4/2016 on the Blog for a Cure website.

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A Calling!

We all Have Been Given A Greater Force That's inside us. Some hiw we need to surround ourselves with others to seek and develop that Greater Force To be a Gift of Inspiration to others. We All have Our unique gift or talent that we've been blessed with. Lets use it!

Cancer is a illness that takes many lives, but what about the lives that survive We have a Calling! A Calling to Inspire! A Calling To Love! A Calling To Share Hope! A Calling To Give Strength And Faith To The Ones That Can't Find It! A Calling To Pray!

Aches and Pains

This is my first time here. I have not officially been diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, however am being treated with Faslodex and Aromasin. My story is one of a 3rd time round with cancer. 1998 at age 48, stage 3c-4 fallopian tube cancer, major surgery and chemo for a year with Cisplatin, Carboplatin, Taxol and Topotecan. 2009 at age 60, stage 1b left breast cancer, with Brac 1 gene, bilateral mastectomies and reconstruction and 4 rounds of Cytoxin and Taxotere(which nearly did me in, the Taxotere I mean). 2014 at age 65, Left axillary lymph nodes, 2/21 positive.

Mother has Stage 4 lung cancer. Matastis

we found out my mother had stage 4 lung cancer the doctor gave her 6 mo to 1 Year to live . She has had 3 treatments dr said cancer was smaller or gone in lung . Found out she got an x ray and it looks like she has pneumonia . Lung dr tested site shows cancer behind it?  She has had a mild heart attack since then so she is very afraid to get more treatments she has broken heart syndrome. I can't get the doctor to be straight with me.  Is there anyone on here with non small cell lung cancer that's metastiside(sp) she had scan in other parts of body not brain .

The Shocking News

On the morning of May 12, 2016 I kept an appointment  Veteran's Medical Center to get a regularly scheduled mammogram. It was rather unusual because instead of a seires of "takes" (or squeezes), the technician took 4 images of my breasts. The compressions were very light. There was no retake necessary. Before long it was al over and I left somewhat astounded. As I departed I mentioned to the technician that this was the "best" mammogram I had ever experienced. She thanked me and we exchanged blessings.

latest mammogram and sonogram

I am an eight year cancer survivor of right breast. A year ago I went for yearly mamogram and sonogram and a suspicious spot was noted on left breast. I was advised to watch it for a year. I go a year later and there has been some change. The radiologist told me it was a benign lymph node, however to return in 6 months to assess at that time.

My question is what would you do? I am concerned for several reasons: how can a radiologist tell it is benign without a biopsy? and does a lymph node continue to grow? I feel nothing in my breast.


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