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looking for the healthy FOOD

I am 62 lost my left kidney to cancer. My first question was o.k. What 's the diet for me to follow???? Then after all this, they tell me the other kidney is not that good.slap me silly make it all hurt at the same time.no response so now what,I begin to look for any answer I found u all I feel blessed.I too want a copy of the pamphlet. To help guide me Thank you all so much for messages and courage to keep it real 

Ampullary Cancer

I was diagnosed with Ampullary Cancer in March/2010.  I underwent the Whipple procedure followed by 6 months of chemotherapy.  I am presently approaching my 6th year post Whipple.  Every once in a while, I will experience a mild case of pancreatitis.  I have never been hospitalized for it.  I do take Creon with meals.  Sometimes, I do have foods that do not agree with me and it is usually something sweet.

My diagnosis was a poorly differentiated  Signet Ring Cell adenocarcinoma of the Ampulla of Vater.  Tumor was identified as T4, N1, M0,  stage 3 .

Breast Hiperplasia with Mastitis

Gooday all. I appear to have an unusual diagnosis. I am Male 42...for the 2 months i have been having a slight pain n my left breast ..no swelling I had to see a dr after it couldnt resolve after sme time..after a scan and a mamgramme iam being diagnsed with Breast Hiperplasia with swollen lymph nodes in both armpits, and iam being askd to do a histology soonest I have never been so confused.Please ds anybody have a similar xperience


Breast fungating tumor stage 4

looking for anyone who has stage 4 fungating breast tumor who refuses  medical treatment and wants to compare 


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Game Changer

Hello all, I'm new to the site and thought I'd add my two cents worth. I am two weeks removed from 9weeks of radiation therapy And an now beginning to deal with the side affects. Let me make it clear from the outset that these conditions is a small price to pay considering the alternative. Loose bowels, difficulty passing urine, shortness of breath and constantly disrupted sleep are the challengs for me now. I titled this blog game changer because Im a personal trainer and this has knocked me completely off my game.

swallowing after partial larengectomy

My husband had surgery November 24 and had epiglotis removed, reconstruction and neck disection.  Dr says went well and all looks good.  Had trach and feeding tube inserted.   Although the surgery went ok there were several trach displacements and on Christmas day the feeding tube was also displaced.  Went to emergency room and had surgery the next day to take that one out, treat the infection and put a new one in.  He has recovered from all of this and had 33 radiation treatments and 6 cisplatin chemo treatments.  As I am sure you all know this was awful but he got through it.

Peritoneal cancer

I was diagnosis with primary peritoneal cancer stage 4 on 2/11 this year. Immediately had surgery then started on weekly chemo of taxol/Carbo. I'm a former chemo infusion nurse and in the 6 yrs of working in this field I never treated anyone with this cancer that's how rare it is. There isn't a lot of information regarding this cancer. I know it is treated like ovarian but it is differen. I'm glad to find a site where this can be discussed with people going through the same type of disease.

My husband's recent prostate CA diagnosis

My husband was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer at 47 years old. He had a PSA of 3.6 and a Gleason score of 3+3=6. He has discussed surgery options briefly with his urologist. We are to meet with him again in the next couple of weeks to have him answer our questions and let him know what our decision is for treatment. We are Kaiser members, and as I've read in other's blogs, the concern for prostatectomies is the surgeon's low volume of procedures performed. Outcomes seem closely tied to experience of the surgeon's hands.

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Meditations and Explorations

Insurance rep: Why did you pay [the hospital]?
Me: Well, when you're flat on your back in an ER triage bed with a blood clot that could kill you, and someone from the hospital is standing over you asking for money, that could be a bit of a motivator.

New Diagnosis

Hi to everyone on the board.  Here's my story so far.

PSA has been up and down since 2008 mostly in the 4-5 range.  Had a negative biopsy in 2009. Last 5 PSA's are as follows:

9/2/2014    6.5  %free PSA 7.7 

12/1/2014   7.4  %free PSA 7.7 

9/2/14      6.5  %free PSA 7.7

4/6/15      6.1  %free PSA 7.2

10/6/15     6.9  %free PSA 7.4  

2/8/16    7.5  %free PSA 7.6


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