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My Story


I'm female and 60 years of age next month on 7 August. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer which had spread to lymph nodes, but was completely treatable.

My mother had died from this disease 11 years beforehand, so I had some kind of warning system in place.

I had surgery to remove a section of large intestine and an illeostomy for 10 months, then further surgery to reverse illeostomy after 6 months of chemotherapy.

Journey so far

On Dec 14th 2013, I collapsed at home after attending a banquet. When I awoke, my house was full of firefighters, paramedics and Sheriff's Deputies. Bad thing is that both of my sons are on the fire dept and answered the call to their own father.  I was rushed to the Hospital and after many tests, my Dr ruled out cardiac issues. As a precaution, he ran a CT Scan and that is when they found a igrowth on my Right Temporal lobe. An MRI was conducted a week later and confirmed a growth in that area of my brain.

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Me today

getting on with my life now after a year of treatments for head and neck cancer. It was a bit of a struggle for a few months because I was always too tired and no energy. It was found that the rads had damaged my thyroid and I was lacking the hormones I need. After taking medication for a few weeks I have regained my energy. I have started to go out and have rejoined my watercolour club, I have interest at last for projects in my sewing room. I enjoy making art dolls from fabric and quilting and applique wall hangings. I go for walks.

Post surgery emotional support group

Once clinically fine, how's does one deal with the emotional aspects of living with the new person. The feelings of emotional baggage and the constant feeling of going through male menopause? 

Ten Years! But....

Well, This is hard!   I was diagnosed with stage 3C Ovarian Cancer ten years ago.  Yes, TEN YEARS AGO!  And no recurrances!  I was a rockstar during chemo, my CA-125 responded beautifully to Carbo/Taxol, and I've never looked back!  Cancer was not going to rule my world!  I kicked cancer to the curb and realized that, due to anxiety over the whole "cancer thing",  I couldn't stay focused on OVCA...I stopped my volunteering and just moved on. My annual exams and CA-125 results were always great.  


Whirlwind Diagnosis--Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma


Hear Me ROAR

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I thought my life was over.  As it turned out, I was only just beginning to LIVE my life! I found strength, courage and support I never knew I had. When I heard the Katy Perry song, ROAR, I loved the line, "I am a champion and you're gonna hear me ROAR."  It became my mantra!

I have formed a support group on Facebook called Hear Me ROAR so I can help others who need strength to endure whatever challenge they are facing. 

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Celebrating the Supermoon

Yesterday was a double-header day. I had a follow-up appointment with my surgeon in the morning and my usual blood draw/consult at the cancer center in the afternoon. Errands fell between and around those, including my latest organic veggie pick-up from the local farmers' network.

Stem Cell Transplants - ALL MYELOMA NEWS

A stem cell transplant replaces a person’s faulty stem cells with healthy ones. Stem cells are found in bone marrow, a spongy tissue inside the bones.

About me

I am 42 years old mother of 2 kids both young adults now , I am very active in martial arts i am currently a 2nd degree black belt in tang soo do and hapkido, I am a service adviser at Nissan which I work with A great bunch of people...  I have had some issues with my right hip I went to a bone joint specialist and I had a ovary glowing on the MRI one thing led to another my blood levels was high for cancer a hystorectomy was preformed on 7-8-14 ... I'm not used to being down or not able to train , this is very different for me 

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