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Bladder Cancer spread to lung after 2 years.

In August of 2014 I had a Tumor removed from my bladder that was cancer, and took BCG treatments until May of 2016.  In June of 2016 I was diagnosed with the same cancer in my lung which had Metastasis to there.  I was taking Chemo (Cesplatnium and Gemzar) and after the second scan it was determined they were not doing any good.  I am scheduled to Start Tecentriq therapy on the 29th of this month.  I wondering if anyone has had experience with this therapy?

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Hi!  Today is November 15, 2016, and on October 10, 2016 I was dx'd with Stage 2b ovarian cancer after a complete ladypart removal. :-P 

Will practice writing thoughts and observations down.  Have had 2 sessions of weekly chemo, 16 more to go.

Grateful for family and friends who have rallied around in support.





pain 3 years after lumpectomy

I had a lumpeectomy in June 2013 and 33 days of radiation. Now I am having arm, shoulder, neck and upper back pain. Has anyone had pain in a similar manner? If so, what did you do about it?

Almost the Human that I was

Just thinking this AM that I feel like what I remember I was like before 2010. Never was Mr Personality but I wasn;t making enemies and was not hated.

All that time telling doctors how I felt and just being stared down without a response.  Here ALL eurolgysts are the same company and wont lrt patient switch or will see me They said last tim we have computers you know


here I am better than before

I have two little dogs that love me and that is enough.  It is late in the season and a butterfly came to my hummingbird feeder. I am so pleased to be alive and appreciate it

At the pain docs yesterday the nurse knew DamnedLupron!  Everything that is wrong she knew! Yall's choice but I am not a lupron fan - enough of that.

Will make final arrangements at the furnarl palor next wk  again happy to be alive


Had a 5 dollar cigar and two boiler makers for lunch   - couldnt type before doesnt help

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Acupressure has been working

I'm still going to see my acupressurist and I think it's working!  The fingers on my left hand are pretty much back to normal.  My right hand still has some numbness going on with the pointer finger and thumb but again, it seems to be getting better.  Still some numb toes on the left foot too.

Is life the same after treatment

I am new to this cancer thing. I haven't even had a biopsy done yet but my ent said he was sure I had tonsil cancer. the first I heard the word cancer was from a stomach doctor for whom I was painting a church he owned  

How Exercise Can Help Cancer Survivors

The relationship between exercise and cancer is becoming clearer with each new study that is done. Research continues to show how exercise can play a vital role in cancer prevention and control and lead to the growing number of cancer survivors.

I don't think you can meet a person today who hasn't themselves or know someone who has battled or is battling this disease. I myself have lost my mom to breast cancer and my

Esophageal Cancer

I am a 71 year old who was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer last September (2015).  At the time, I was advised that surgery and a cure was no doubt out of the question.

Since then I have had chemo therapy and radiation and several endoscopies, the last one being in September this year.  I just had another PET Scan and it shows no sign of spreading.  My Oncologist had recommended I visit a surgeon at the Moffitt Cancer Center located in Tampa Florida which I have done.  He is recommending I have an Esophagectomy because of previous PET Scans  and being in good health.


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