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Dental Implants when is best time to have them?

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Trigger Toe and Other Tales

I went to my August 4 oncology appointment with a full sheet of questions, divided into the important issues I wanted to raise and the "if there's time" questions. The last of my important issues read, "Infrequently (maybe once/twice a month) and prior to my start on weight-bearing exercises, wriggling of toes results in a cramp in which the right big toe gets locked in the downward position and must be pulled up/massaged until the cramp passes (a minute or two).

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Do not go gentle in to that good night

I don't take credit for this, Dylan Thomas is the genius behind it all, but it is what I think as we fight this beast we call cancer.

Do not go gentle in that good night.

Mr. Benedictus Borgsteijn

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"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

The odd thing about the type of cancer I had, what makes it so surreal for me, is that at no point did I feel the effect of the disease itself -- only the treatments. This is far different from those cancers that loudly announce themselves with palpable symptoms.

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   My name is Regina just recently diagnosed with stage4 rrc with mets in lungs. I have been taking Votrient for about 2weeks with a few side affects. Just wondering if it's true about a 6 months survival rate. Scared to death about this disease. I'm 54 and in good health. I have had high blood for many years. Any info would be helpful. I have not had my kidney removed as of yet. I have 2 tumors in right lung and 1in left lung. Has any heard 9f the cyberknife? Please I need some answers. Thanks

Looking for examples of a similar experience

In 2014 I had a skin sparing mastectomy on my right side with an immediate free flap reconstruction.  The tumors were small, the margins were good, the lymph nodes were clear and at the time neither Chemotherapy or Radiation were recommended by my team.

I had a recurrence on the same side in May 2015. Underwent surgery to removes the tumor which was just under the skin, again the lymphnodes were clear and CT scans, bone scans and a breast MRI showed no spreading of the cancer.  Has anyone out there had a similar experience?

SCC squamous cell carcinoma of the kidney

My family member has recently been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the kidney.  His kidney was removed after a long standing history of kidney stones, and since, a large tumor grew in its place and has also been removed.  He will be receiving chemotherapy.

Gliosarcoma ?

My wonderful husband, my best friend was recently diagnosed with a Grade IV Gliosarcoma.  How can this happen?  We were at our sons college graduation on a Saturday in Oregon.  One of the proudest days of our lives.  Only 6 days later we were in the Emergency Room.  After 6 hours of waiting, we were told that he had a large brain tumor and the edema was causing a midline shift.  A helicopter flight took Ed to USC where he underwent surgery 3 days later.

Oligodendrogliomas (GBM-O; WHO grade IV)


Hi All,


My self Tapasya.


I had done surgery on 19 January 2014. As it is detected that I had brain cancer of Oligodendrogliomas (GBM-O; WHO grade IV).


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