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Cancer X 2

Four year cancer survivor here. I joined CSN Jan./2015. Not sure why today but let's start this story. I hope someone reads it:


Cannabis oil cure

Hi everyone, I have just been given the bad news of having stage 4 cc. This came totally unexpected as I have had no symptoms at all.
I start chemotherapy in Jan 14 to reduce spreading and to try and shrink the tumor.
I have spoken to the doctor about trying cannabis use and they are 100% in agreement.
Smoking to reduce chemotherapy side effects and making the Rick Simpson oil as a cure.
It is so hard to get in England as it is illegal here but I feel I have to try every I can to beat this.
Has anyone got any info on this oil to help me on my journey please.?

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2014 in Review: Courage

(My friend K gifted me with this mug before my lumpectomy.)


I am sitting here in the early morning hours unable to sleep looking for something.  What I don't know.  I have no idea why I searched this page out or set up an account.  Maybe I need to be heard.  Maybe I need to know it's okay to feel what I feel.  I get BCC,  Basal Cell Carcinoma skin cancer.  I have been told it's okay,  it's the 'good cancer'.  Good Cancer.  Funny,  I don't feel like it's good.  I have had upwards of 30 spots,  actual spots not including

Natalie (met colon cancer)

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I have been struggling through the holidays trying to be strong but i still have not gotten my disability back and i have numerous health problems tumors,high heart rate ect..I just wish i could get some help i pray to God soon.Or just go to sleep ad not wake up...

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Day to day life with cervical cancer ..start to finish

ever  since I got the word from the walk.in clinic that I had a cervical massI have living a reallife nightmare,extremes highs and extreme lows

i need help

 4 years ago i was told that i had a large tumor growing into my rectum and uterus.

i had surgery, was on the pouch for 4 months then they reattached me minus a rectum.

i have been in pain ever since. when i talked to my doctor he told me that i either deal with it or go back on the pouch.

i have been trying to find someone in the same situation to see if they came up with any solution

i have tried all kinds of diets, laxative, gas pill

i'm discouraged and always thinking what was the point of surviving this if i cant live a normal life


2014-12-25 THANKFUL! Our 40th Anniversary is coming up soon. We have shared so many awesome moments that the maze we traveled through these pass years has been a challenge and we still have this journey to continue. Both my spouse and I encountered Esophageal and Colon Cancer in 2008. Thankful that my colon cancer was caught in time that I did not need chemo or radiation. It did not go well with my spouse. It has been 8 years this past August for him.

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Every day has been (and will continue to be) "Christmas" for me. Instead of the child who runs in pajamas to look beneath the tree for presents, I get out of bed (slowly, still a bit cautious about vertigo), head to the bathroom to meet immediate needs, and then rush the two feet or so to the mirror over the sink to see if more hair follicles have awakened and yawned upward from my scalp. Each new growth is a little gift with my name on it, left quietly while I slept for me to discover in the morning.

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