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Just finished chemo

Hi, I just finished chemo January 2, 2015 and already I have peach fuzz.  It is grey and black.  No eyelashes or eyebrows yet.  Will see oncologist a the end of the month to see about hormone pill.  Anyone been put on hormone pill. I had endometrial cancer and had hysterectomy in Dec, 2011.  Did radiation.  Recurrence in lymph nodes in March of 2014. Had 6 chemo treatments and I am thrilled to say I am CANCER FREE!!!!

Remembering Hope

She was my friend in my teens. I can remember her vibrant ways; she was pretty and a bit boyish. She was my sister's classmate but we became close when I worked in a clinic beside their house. We would just talk about anything and since we belonged to the same church, we also shared some "naughty" remarks about the activities we did in our youth organization.

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Cancerversary Season

On February 7, 2014, I had nonchalantly waltzed into my diagnostic imaging center for my regular screening mammogram. As usual, I admired the waiting room mural that let me figuratively gaze out to sea from a wooden porch. For the most part I ignored the TV mounted high in a corner, which dispensed "local" news focused mainly on counties south of mine.

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New Battle

Well, after feeling great for a few months after treatment I am now going to be part of a trial in Columbus (phase1) first step after monkeys, poor monkeys, to see how it will do on humans. It isn't supposed to have bad side effects and is supposed to attack the tumor(s) and not good tissue.

Pancreatic cancer, stage 4, CA 19-9 40,000 after Folfox chemo

My partner (71 yr) was diagonised w. pancreatic cancer (4 cm tumor) on Dec 1 2014; his CA 19-9 was aroud 9,000 on Dec 1; he started his chem (Folfox 6) on Dec 17th, his CA 19-9 jumped to 16,000 and after 4 chemo sessions, his CA 19-9 yesterday registered 40,000. His CT Scan is next Wednesday. Any comments? His LFTs are normal.

He had bacterial infection (index finger).. that started 2nd chemo, but under control.


Financial Stress Cant Keep Up With Bills & Living Expenses

Shortage of money has been a hard burden I had already been off work 2 years before cancer with chronic pain from a botched spine sugery my wonderful wife teaches school and we have 3 kids the hospitals now want any copay or deductible up front I can't afford to pay 1000.00 or even 500.00 my insurance is 700.00 a month she has missed a lot of work with me being in the hospital or Dr.out of town it is ashamed the number of people who are able to work but get government assistance we do not qualify for any help because she makes 250.00 to much they go by gross income not take home taxes and m

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Cancer at 34

I found out I had Cancer October 2014. Within that time I had to let go of my job. I ve had chemo and radiation along with side effects and I am on the verge of losing my right breast. My life has changed and I am not done yet. I have major surgery coming up in days. How do you cope with Cancer?

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Posted more photos of mine in my Renderosity gallery :)


If anybody is interested in seeing cool photos of animals, insects, and other things, you can take a look at my gallery at Renderosity, there:
Jean-Luc_Ajrarn's Gallery at Renderosity

My wife Denise and I love to go to the farm for our "goat therapy" (that is what my wife calls hanging out with the goats and sheep, petting them and being with them).
The animals have such great effect on our mood, and breathing fresh air helps too!

dont know what to do

hey guys plese help, december last year i discoverd that i had greenish like tary stool but i did not get checked i went to the doctor after my bowel had symptoms of change and blood on my stool after which i thot i was okey,before i used to stay upto 3 days without going to the toilet but now i visit the toilet atlest 1 but the i found out that i had normal but slim like stool with a thine line on the side from one end to the other sometimes i break wind alot apart from this sometime i loose my appetite eas

It never ends

I am a widow for 14 years.  To those who say they have been widowed 2 months, or 1 year, or 4 years I would say, if you think it is getting better then I do not understand.  I don't mind checking the widow box on applications or information boxes; most people don't pay attention anyway,they just assume if you are alone you are divorced.  I hate that part.  I want to scream ..

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