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My Story

Hi Everyone,

alternative medicine or methods for cancer cure


Hs any one used alternative methods or juicing

as recommended by Gerson therapy and has been

helped in cancer cure.





Gallbladder cancer stage IV

5 months ago , my mom was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer stage 4, she took 12 treatments of mix chemo cis/gim the first 6 treatments showed that she responded her cancer shrunk 20% in liver , lymph node and gallbladder. Dr decided to go with 6 more before operate on her lately she been having a lot of pain in her stomach the CT scan showed her cancer resisted the chemo and it's now bigger and spread to a new places in liver and LN , her Dr suggested to try another chemo but she refused to continue and asked for pain killer to control her pain .

First Blog

I found this site entirely by accident, but it looks like a place I need to be.  Since my diagnosis I have made feable attempts at networking, and even more feeble attempts and finding a path in life.  I had always wanted to be a soldier ever since I was old enough to shoot a gun (2yrs old Thank You Very Much).  My Father was a soldier, all of my Grandparents were soldiers, and I was born to be a soldier.  I excelled in all the feilds, and my body was well on its way to being a huge asset.  I was almost 200lbs in 7th grade, and I was squatting around 650-700lbs.

Not Knowing

My husband has been thru radiation, chemo, had his esophogus removed, and part of his stomach. He has the cancer that hides. They fouund that type during surgery. He is going thru second round of chemo now. Not many people realize how hard it is to watch him struggle to keep weight on. Also the unknown of the future. Luckily we have great medical insurance so the cost is low for us. Sometimes I cry just because its more than I can handle. We have no family support and have to depend on friends. I was care giver for my mom for 7 years and was used by the whole family.

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Head and Neck Tumor


My name is Kevin McGee and I've had a large Tumor in my head and neck region.  It wasnt cancerous, but the results are the same. I had the tumor removed in May 2007. Since then I've lost my job, my home, sold most of my belongings...

my life

I just found out on May 19 that I have a tumor on my left kindey the way I had found out was that I was peeing blood and blood clots and found out I had a bladder infection and a tumor on my kidney. I'm scared and heard stories with my father in law with him having one kidney I have to go have surgery on June 16

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Eight Billion Steps: My Impossible Quest For Cancer Comedy - Chapter Four

Author’s Note: I didn’t write Eight Billion Steps as a “How to beat cancer” book; however, it does contain some practical information that may help. I sincerely hope it does. I also understand that you or a loved one’s “situation” may be much more challenging than mine. I have deep admiration and profound respect for your courage and perseverance. 


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Yes, We Have Too Many Bananas (number-crunching kvetch edition)

The good news is that, on balance, my side effects following my second chemo infusion have been less severe and more short-lived than they had been following my first infusion. Part of the difference is likely due to the fact that my first infusion had also occurred two days after surgery to install my chemo port.

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