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Got a little overwhelmed today. So instead of dwelling on s biopsy outcome I decided to spend the day cooking. I made homemade tortillas and enough zucchini bread for the whole family. So to whomever is just feeling too overwhelmed with anything I suggest finding a good distraction that makes you happy to pass the time!

Myeloma Crowd on Cancer Connections

So excited to he featured in the Summer issue of Utah Cancer Connections magazine.

depressed man with cancer

hello cancer survivors,

Renal cell cancer metasteses returned to spine after 14yrs.

My husband was diagnosed with renal cell cancer in Nov 1999 which had spread to the L-5 vertebrae.  Afyer his right kidney was rrmoved and the tumor removed from his L-5 vetebrae and rods put in his back, he was doing pretty good.  He did have radiation.   in 2013 his right foot was dropping, but no cancer was reflected on MRI.  In fact doctors told him he might not hsve to return for 2 yrs.  However, he kept getting severe pain in his back and leg, and in March 2014 his MRI showed the tumor had returned to L-5 and ate half of L4 veterbrae.

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big day

Today is the day that hopefully the will take the biopsy. Hoping it comes back clean. I don't want cancer a 3rd time.


Hello from western Pa, has anyone been on tarceva alone for pancreatic cancer and did it work for you?

Thanks for all input

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Nine to Go!

My chemo countdown continues:

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another scary ride

I've already beaten two big cancers and only by luck of finding them in early stages. Now I am again faced with another possible cancer. All the signs point to another go with the oncologist. My blood work is through the roof and I have a black growth that changes daily. My biggest fear is that my luck will run out. I mean how many times can you beat cancer before it finally beats you?

about me

I was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer in which mine originated in my fallopian tube (stage 2) this past 2/14.  I have completed my 6 chemo treatments and am going to my doctor today to discuss the outcome of my catscan last week.  I am feeling very anxious nd am getting increasingly nervous the closer it gets to my appt., any suggestions



IIB Breast Cancer diagnosed early 2014

Lumpectomy April 8, 2014.  Went thrue chemo every 2 weeks/2meds for 4 doses-had nausea.  Now going thru taxol chemo every week for 12 doses.  Will have number 6 tomorrow.  Feeling a lot better with this med no nausea.  Numbness of fingers, toes and face.  Cancer doctor may stop this chemo since supposedly no reversal in numbness.  Supposed to have 6 weeks Monday thru Friday of radiation after chemo is done. My doctor recommended no raw fruits/vegetables unless they could be pealed.  Wonder if that was a bacteria thing.

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