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2 time survivor

I have Had and beaten cancer twice ,However the last time (Oct 2013} the end result was diffrent . The left side of my jaw (mandible) was removed and I have asked if there is a  replacement for the jaw that was removed and have been told that there is nothing that can be done. My problem is that the right side of my remaining jaw is pushing to the left and have lost ability to use the left side vocal cord and has reduced my ability to talk, chew , swollow and has increased the pain level in the sholder and neck area.  Now this was all done through the VA.

Day 2

Yesterday, Sept 13, we met with Dr. Jaffe to get the confirmation about Tom's Stage IV Renal cancer which has now spread to his lungs.  I learned about the diagnosis on the Stanford portal following his lung biopsy.  I forwarded the link to Jana so that she could confirm (or deny) what I thought I was reading.  The next morning, Friday, I told Scott and didn't tell Tom until that evening.  His comment "I just can't get a break" and that was it.

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Hey, how are you'al doing?  Just hang in there, we are going to make it.


<p>Hello I have a question My mother had sub mandibular cancer couple years ago I am searching for a treatment that is moset beneficial for her They removed her sub mndibular she is now on thyroid for ever She been having trouble in the last couple months with her gums. I found ot that the cancer is in her vessels and at top of skull Is there any treatment whether be freezing of cancer or treatments that can stop the flow of this monster of cancer ?</p>

All about me

I found out about my cancer on a whim. In early April I had lower right abdominal pain that mimiced appendicitis. CT was done and a mass was shown on my left kidney. At the time I was not told about it. Had my appendix out which in part was not infected, it had stuck to my colon. 

Family support is unusual or just non-existent

So my husband's diagnosis is only 2 weeks old and he is working through various treamtment options.  I say "he" because I am not a part of any dialog related to his decision-making process on treatment options.  Upon diagnosis, I prayed that I would be the wife he needed and provide the right kind of support for him. 

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Breast Cancer 2x Survivor Psalm 23

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Jawbone reconstruct unsuccessful

i had throat cancer in 2002. Had successful radiation and chemo treatments. Now cancer free. However, in 2014 I developed radiation necrosis in my jawbone. Tried hyperbaric treatments....jawbone would completely lock..finally my jawbone broke Christmas 2014. Terrific pain. Met with most famous jawbone surgeon 92% success rate. Had surgery Jan 2015 to rebuild my jawbone from bone in left arm. bone graft did not work.

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123 Jujubee

Hello.  I am 78 years old and live in Western Maryland.  So what, you say. WEll, Western MD is sparsely populated and it can be a tiresome affair getting to a suitable hospital for cancer care.  My husband Joe and son Pat and I moved here after Joe and I had lived in and near Rapid City SD for over 30 years.  This is where Joe grew up and I was just plain tired of living in SD.  My doctor in Rapid City had told me it was not a big deal if I did not have a mammogram since I was over 65.  One of the first things I did when moving to MD was to find a good Family Doctor.

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Basal Call Carcinoma in San Diego

When I was in my thirties, I felt like I had everything under control. I had a great job in the New York State Legislature and had just married wonderful man. We decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro a month after my 40th birthday. During the hours spent slowly walking to the top, I first realized that I could not control everything in my life. Approaching the summit of the mountain at over 19,000 feet was truly a one step at a time process. As long as I took one step and one breath, I was able to continue.


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