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Peritoneal Cancer since 2008

I am hopeing someone out there can tell me if they have the same experience as I am having, diagnosed in Feb 2008, my 

CA125 was 21 and I did 6-8 chemo treatments, after  treatment my CA 125 was 6, it stayed between 5-8 for 4 years, then very

slowly has risen to 41 now, I had a CT-PET Scan two days ago, no results yet so I am so nervous, can anyone share if they have

anything like mine. Nannylue

Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

A family member has just been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer.  Though the doctors are very compassionate and kind they are not very optimistic.  They are saying 6 months to 2 years.  We are determined to beat this.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

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Eight Billion Steps: My Impossible Quest For Cancer Comedy - Chapter Three

Author’s Note: I didn’t write Eight Billion Steps as a “How to beat cancer” book; however, it does contain some practical information that may help. I sincerely hope it does. I also understand that you or a loved one’s “situation” may be much more challenging than mine. I have deep admiration and profound respect for your courage and perseverance. 



My sister, Susan, began having strange symptoms in early November of 1999.  She had been in relatively good health and, in August of that year, had spent two weeks with my husband and me in a little Colorado town in the San Juan Mountais.  We had picked her up in Dallas TX enroute from our home in Florida.  She started each day by walking the town, plus hiking and fly fishing with my husband.  Back home, she continued early morning walking in her neighborhood and working at a

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Feelings of Cancer - Digging Deep

Once you’re in it, it’s like: All right, I can do that. I did it. I had that sense of accomplishment for my part, as microscopic as this was stacked up with the efforts of my Doctors and Caregivers. I felt as though I had been conditioned for that situation, as weird as that may sound.

After 10 years battle



Hello, needing glasses so need this to be this large.  I am Ken's wife.  He does not "do" computers.  I wish I had found this when this battle started.  

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recent diagnosis Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

What a whirlwind few months, from a blocked nasal passage to a sudden blow from the news that blocked nasal passage is a rare form of cancer, Adenoid Cysitc Carcinoma.  For one thing I had never even heard of it, for two what do you mean surgery in few weeks? A lot to hear and comprehend in a short amount of time.

Imported Herbs I've Used To Fight Cancer

Herbs I Have Used To Fight Cancer

1 pound of herbs equals  =  454 g

Herbs are decocted (cooked) in 9 cups of water at a slow roll, down to three cups.

Put three cups water in a pot of sufficient size. Use a utensil to measure the three-cup level and mark it as such. Add another 6 cups water for a total of 9 cups.

It takes between 1-1/2 to 2 hours to cook down to three cups; use the utensil
you have already marked, to indicate that the three cup level has been reached.


I have a suspicious cyst on right kidney, small, but doctors fear cancer 70%     I go in for surgery April Fools Day,   Da Vinci, a year almost to the day I had Da Vinci for prostate cancer,   never had been in hospital in 68 years!     trying to organize my life,   appreciate any comments.     

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staying strong

Ive been in remission since November 2013, been thru alot. Just happy to still be here and cancer free. I have 3 beautiful children a grown daughter and 2 teenage boys, they have helped me get thru this and God is number 1

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