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"How lucky can one man get?"

(John Prine reference)

I have to tell you that eating has been an issue for me since day one and I finally decided that I should not come in here every time I discovered that there was something else I could eat.

It has been hard to resist, and sometimes I have not resisted, but largely, I hope, in these later couple of years I have been more or less quiet about the whole eating thing.

Sometimes, though, it is important, I think, to let people know that there is hope.

When I came home, finally, from the head/neck cancer surgery and associated treatments, my wife was actually pissed off to discover that I was in the den, first night home, drinking ice water, sucking on ice.

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"Pretty good, not bad, can't complain, but actually everything is just about the same"

(John Prine reference)

So. The wife had the flu. she was basically blowing her, um, brains out on a regular basis. Missed a couple of really nice dinners provided by vendors and all of that as a result. That is a bummer for me, since I usually get some interesting leftovers.

What's worse, of course, is that she was sick and sick for more than a week. Me, I went through a week or so of stabbing stomach pains, such that this nurse lady I'm married to actually checked me for a bad evolutionarily useless fixture. oh yeah, the appendix. Since my stomach hurt everywhere, I guess, it was not the evolutionarialy useless fixture.

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"I got rocks in my pockets and dirt in my shoes"

(John Prine reference)

We had some family in this weekend. This was great for me. I love my brother like a brother and my sister like a sister. Their significant others are also very cool people.

I made plans like an anal ape: we will eat here Friday night, we will play golf on Saturday, then eat, all of us, at my home (I would not be cooking, of course) and then Sunday would be clear out day.

All seemed fine to me and even when I asked (via email of course) for any objections or alternatives, no one said a word.

And then my wife got into the act.

She does that.

It wasn't THAT bad. She simply wanted to change Friday night's eating joint from one we KNEW I could eat at to one we had NEVER been at.

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"There must be some way out of here, said the Joker to the Thief"

(Bob Dylan reference)

I visited ENT Man on Tuesday. As per the norm, I arrived early so that he could see me more than an hour later. Fortunately, CNN was on the television rather than Sesame Street so I was able to watch the Egyption Riots Reality Show rather than Bert and Ernie.

This assisted in my remaining for more than my usually self-defined 30 minutes of ignoring the value of MY time.

When finally I got past ENT Man's new nurse (I really liked his old one, but as I have remarked in the past, she was looking really beaten down by the job so I am elated that she survived to retire. I hope that she is on a warm beach somewhere with umbrella drink in hand), I still had time to check the room. I looked high and low for NostrilDamus and didn't see him anywhere which is always a good sign.

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