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Treatment Question.

I was diagnosed with Anal Cancer on July 7th.  I am just now getting ready to start treatments. I have a question about treatment plan for 5-FU. I am being told that I will be getting 5-FU for 4 weeks straight then one week off and one more week after that. Everything I have read has lead me to believe it is given for one week at first and then another week at about the 5th week of treatment. Please let me know if I am just losing it or if I really need to question what is going on.

Signs of lymphoma

I'm new to this but I thought since no one is listening to my daughter that maybe someone else is going through this also. My daughter, Ashleigh, who is 33 years old, has been waiting for answers. About 3 months ago she was in the shower and reached for something and had some pain in her arm. That's when she found the lump on her left breast. The next day she called her regular dr. And got in right away to see him. He took xrays and came to the conclusion that she had an infection and her milk duc was infected. He put her on a very high antibioti. Said to take that for 10 days.

appendix caner

My husband was just diagnosed with mucinous adenocarcinoma with appendix primary.  After researching it we think the debulking surgery and HIPEC are his best option.  Just wondering where some of you had it done and if you can give me any information.  We live in Illinois but are willing to travel to find the best.

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Just Got Real...


Seven weeks since my diagnosis and two weeks since my surgery and the BIG C only got real today.

 Today I had my after surgery appointment. I knew my final pathology report would be back but the previous reports had been so positive, I really wasn't ready for reality.

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Numbers Game

Back in March, my partner and I had walked into our hospital's old satellite blood draw facility about a mile from home. She needed routine tests done. We were told then and there about the change in procedure due to our hospital's acquisition. We could go to a different, stand-alone facility about 15 miles away or continue to use the hospital's satellite facility if we wanted to pay close to 50 times as much.

hepatocellular carcinoma , my mother's story

Back when I joined this site in November 2014, I was feeling that I needed to hear people's stories on how liver cancer progresses. Perhaps there are others out there who would like to hear our story.

My mom was diagnosed with primary liver cancer at 79 years old.  She was feeling abdominal pain for several months, with a really bad bout of nausea and vomiting that started in September, but she got mostly better and thus it was thought to be a gastroenteritis.  

Advanced cholangiocarcinoma with liver mets - confused

Hi. My dad is 49. He was diagnosed with CC with liver mets (12-14 cm ) on 8/8/15. The doctor said it is inoperable and chemotherapy would be done for palliative care and has given him 6 months. My dad has no jaundice or fever. His LFT is normal. He does not smoke or drink and has been following a strict diet consisting of juice and green vegetables. My dad is unaware of his stage. We've not started with chemo as one of my relatives ( colon ca survivor) has suggested that we continue without any medical treatment.

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Two months down, the rest of my life to go

Tomorrow will be 2 months since my partial nephrectomy. It has not been easy.  Every doctor I saw before the surgery said the same thing - You'll do fine.  But I don't feel fine.

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Accidental Colon Cancer Advocate- Colon Cancer misdiagnosis caused my 53 y/o husband's death

I am writing a blog and will share the link www.accidentalcoloncanceradvocate.com .  My 53 year old husband was "diagnosed" with colon cancer, adenocarcinoma in Oct. 2012 with a biopsy. During his 3 years of treament, all his PET, MRI, CT Scans were always negative for sign of disease in his colon. His presenting symptoms were blood in his urine, right flank pain and shoulder pain and weight loss. No one every worked up his symptoms, the doctors followed the pathology reports only.


June 2015 - Noticed swollen lymp node. Saw Family Phsician on June 7. Recieved antibotics and told to see ENT if swelling have not gone down by June 13. June 13th I saw ENT who biospied node and also left tonsil. June 15 biospy results indicated SCC HPV+ of tonsil and node. PET scan on 17th showed left tonsil and 2 nodes positive. Had to wait until asprin had cleared system for surgery on June 28. Tonsil removed with clear margins. 20+ nodes removed; 4 were positive.


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