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Washing Dishes With Cancer Chapter 34

I sit in the waiting room- it's more like a lobby, really- there are so many of us, everywhere, I know.

Breast cancer


My name is Maria I'm 38 years old and on November 16,2016 I got diagnosed with breast cancer. Right now I'm on my third week of chemo going on 4, I'm scared because I just noticed I'm shredding my hair and it's very emotional right now. I don't know what to do if I should cut it really short or shave it. My life has change I feel like if I'm not normal like if everyone is looking at me different. I just don't know what to do.  

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My story....

So...here's a little bit about me.  My name is Angie...I'm 53 and on July 11th I went in for a CT scan w/wo contrast as prep. for an upcoming total hysterectomy.  Long story short....the CT scan showed a lesion on my left kidney...this was totally unexpected and on that day my life changed.  Below is my report:


Limited images obtained through the lung bases are unremarkable.

More chemo or surgery for colon cancer???

My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in May 2014 and underwent surgery to remove the baseball size mass and 6 inches of colon on both sides of the tumor.  They also removed 11 lymph nodes and got negative readings which meant the cancer was gone.  We dod CT scans every 6 months for follow up and on the last one they saw another mass.  So they did surgery in August 2016 and said they didnt get all the tumor because it was deep in his pelvic area by his iliac artery and also around his ureter.  They also said it had seeded to his omentum.  Theu suggested chemo of 5FLU without Avastin si

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Stage 3 Grade 3

  • 2017-01-18
  • I am new to site. 2 years ago I was diag with Non Hoskins 

Lymphoma small B cell stage 3 Group 1-2 follicular cancer

i was on a watch status and every 4 

months I saw the staff for evaluation at CTCA in Philadelphia Pa

at about 18 months into this I kept telling the doctor I was not

feeling well and requested another Pet Scan and was told I have last one a year ago so a new one was not necessarily. After several weeks of complaining the doctor said she was tired of my complaints and

arm pain during chemo

While receiving chemo for lung cancer I never had a port or was offered to get one they used my right arm for a total of about 10-15 chemo sessions and while having radiation I had chemo every week, I got through both chemo and radiation fine and was never sick until the first round of everything was compelted and I was given about 4 weeks off without any treatment, and then I started feeling a dull ache in my right arm where I got all but one of the chemo treatments because I had a nice fat vein that could be used over and over again by my wrist.  One morning I woke up and couldnt move my

Our Journey with MAC

January 15, 2017

Lower jaw removed

Has anyone had their jaw removed and reconstruction not been successful. My 82 year old mother is just recovering. 


Playing the hand I'm dealt

Newbe here but not to RCC.

6 years ago, at age 54, I was diagnosed with a right renal mass. After three urologists told me to have surgery ASAP, I let Mayo Clinic in Arizona take a stab at it. (Plug for Mayo here; they are very very good at what they do). The doctor went in with robot surgery and at my request tried to save part of the kidney. Unhappily this was not possible so he performed a radical nephrectomy and also removed three lymph nodes. Next night the pathology report was back. Renal Cell Carcinoma, Chromophobe, 7.5 cm tumor, Furman level 3. T2a, N0M0.

Not sure why I'm here



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