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RCC= Radical Nephrectomy

I was just diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma.  My right kidney will have to be removed.  Looks like becoming a member here will be one of the first steps in reaching out to survivors, individuals who are either going through the same thing or who may know someone who is a survivor.  Im curious to know about the process, the recovery, the chances of reocurrance.  

Stage 1 lung cancer

On the advice of our family Dr, because of age, family history and it was free, she suggested my husband have a cancer scan. He had one in October 2016. They found many nodules in his lungs and sent us to a pulmonary Dr. He wanted to wait 3 months and repeat the scan, in the mean time, he had a PET scan done and nothing glowed. In Feb 2017 he had another scan done, none of the nodules changed except one, it had doubled in size. He said where the tuner was it was very deep and next to a large blood vessel.

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My identity

My haior was my identity. At my age to have natural brown hair, long, so many peopole complimented me. I felt young, and attractive. I looked like my daughters who also had long brown hair. Now 3 weeks after first chemo, as i slept it became matted to my head, falling out. I have to shave it tomorrow. the wig is cheap and stupid. I feel alone, no one understands.

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Lingering pain

Throat and Adenoid cancer stage4. Surgery, 7 weeks of Kemo and Radiation. 186lbs to a very weak 123 lbs. Finshed Kemo on July 26th 2015. I've have on-going joint and muscle pain in my hands, hip, knees. Multitude of test! MRI, Cat Scans, Several studies. I dont like pain killers, so i live with night cramps from hell. Taking a fiber myalgia myopathy medicine that doesn't seem to work much.



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Medduloblastoma Survivor

I am a 17 year survivor of Medulloblastoma (brain). Radiation head down to where the spine ends.  It was awful as my head was on lockdown the entire time. Chemo meds were strong and varied during the long course.

At home I was on an IV hookup (TPN) 7p-7a for nearly a year; I was not/could not eat. Just the smell of Hubby cooking had me running to the bathroom to throw up. So anyway, as I said, I'm still here.

Don't Give up, Fight and love back

Hi every one i am a new member here. 

My Name is Amit, i am Final year surgery resident.

I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma in 2012 and underwent Radical Nephrectomy.

I have managed to not kick the bucket yet. and wont kick it before i am satisfied, and saved a minimum of million People as a Cardiac Surgeon.

I am here to share my part of the story and help anyone as a Surgeon who shook hands with Cancer. 

Melanoma and Me

It (melanoma) is bye-bye for now with great anticipation it won't return.

U of M did a great job identifying it( second opinion) and taking care of it

with a good surgeon. Of all places the melanoma chose  it had to be on the smile

line of my cheek, but that made it easy for the surgeon.

Will continue to do skin check ups yearly and feel blessed.

Salivary gland cancer stage 4

Hi, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 salivary gland cancer he had an 11 hour surgery at UCLA to remove the tumor. He had 7 weeks of Monday - Friday radiation... he had been cancer free for almost a year, we just found out a few weeks ago that his cancer spread it's near his eye on the bone and also back of his skull, they are very small ... he had a pet scan and it turns out its on his right rib very very small... they have him on pills, afatinib is the name of the medication, he's on the strongest dose, doctors want to see him again in a month! Seems too long right?


Hi Everyone, I came across this page when I was researching throat cancer, and how to help the throat after radiation and chemo. I personally do not have cancer, my brother was just diagnosed, and is in the process of undergoing chemo and radiation. His journey will begin in a few days. I appreciate all the valuable information on here, and hope you do not mind we reading and following along with all of you. Lots and Lots of prayers and well wishes to you all. This is all new to our family and we want to be as knowledgable as possible to help our brother.


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