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May name is Jamie and I was given the all clear from Papillary Cancer of the Thyroid. I had two operations and a dose of radioactive Iodine. I went to see my consultant to get the results about 6 weeks ago and was told the cancer is gone and I have a 1% chance of it recurring.

The problem is since then I have had more problems believing it is gone than believing I had it in the first place. Does anyone else find that?


My story

I am a woman 66 old.  I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma behind the nose stage 4 a month ago.  The only signs I had were eye tears and some sinus.  It was not until I found a mass on my neck that I went to the doctor for an MRI.  I have started chemotherapy last week.  I am attending Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.  However, I have not given very much hope.  I would like to meet someone with a similar situation. 

Ovarian Cancer New Therapy Appraoch

radiation nerve damage

Hi, Still not sure how to use this site.  I joined back in 2013 and just found it again.  Back in 1966, at the age of 24, I underwent appx. 6 weeks of radiation treatments on a spinal column tumor.  For 36 years I never experienced any problems or issues with my legs.  In 2001/02 I began developing a drop foot condition, which progressed to left leg weakness and eventually both legs.  I now have difficulty walking, with balance, and extreme difficulty climbing steps. 

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My Story

I was originally diagnosed in 2010 with a grade II oligodendroglioma.  I only had surgery.  In february, it returned as a grade III.  I have just completed 33 radiation treatmentss and will begin chemotherapy on June 15th.  I am seeking information from anyone who has received Procarbazine and CCNU with or withouyt Vincristine.  I'm not sure what to expect and was just hoping someonee may have some information. 

Colon Cancer Stage III-how many treatment of Folfox?

Have been lurking a while and recently joined this site.  Looks like a great place for information and support.  In summary I am 47 y/o with 5 precious kiddos ranging from 5 up to 20 years old and a very supportive husband.  After following the recommendation of my ob/gyn I had a scope in April where I learned I have T3NbMX -stage III- colon cancer.  Surgery was 5/12 and we meet with the oncologist Thursday.  It looks like most people have chemo with Folfox.  My question at this time is how many treatments do most people get?


I am new to this group.  I start taking Tamoxifin on Monday.  I am still not sure about the time of day to take this medication.  My oncologist has suggested taking 100mg of magnesium to  help with the hot flashes.  Has anyone else tried this?


33 y/o son diagnosed with Myelofibrosis, had transplant but did not work

My son was diagnosed 2014, had allogenic stem cell transplant which hasn't worked. Dr. Is trying things to try to get it to take but nothing is working. He is dependent of RBC transfusions usually weekly. Platelet level is 46,000 right now. He started out bruising for no reason due to low platelet level which kept getting lower as time went by and also RBC level went lower. started having to get RBC's and platelet transfusions once he was sent to Dr. at University of MD. Dr. said only option was transplant. Unrelated donor match was found within 2 months, had transplant Jan.

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