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Squamous Cell Throat Cancer & the Elderly


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i am 46 yrs old i am usually very outgoing love people love to chat and get to know everyone i just had lobectomy on my lower right lung this pay May 2014 it started as a nodule .05 mm the pulmonologist watched it for 2 yrs but never seemed to want to do anything else even tho it was growing finally when it doubled its size i got second opinion who ordered PET Scan which showed nothing but felt it should be removed since it was growing i was referred to cleveland clinic for evaluation who also agreed it needed to be removed he didn't think it was cancer he said it was benign carcinoid tumor

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The Next Phase

Oddly enough, I have not felt depressed since I got my cancer diagnosis. I've stated earlier that I feel as though I am on a perilous adventure, but an adventure nonetheless. My mindset is that I am facing this intruder head-on and fighting the good fight. I also realize my limitations and have been cutting myself a lot of slack where and when I need to.

That said, I have teared up exactly three times in connection with this process:

Scared, Tired and not sure what do

Hello All out there,

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Someone really is watching over me!

So back in August, I was admitted to the hospital for a horrible pain in my stomach. Cat scan was done and doctor walks into the room and says "the reason you're here is for appendicitis, but you also have a mass on your kidney." I felt horrible. I have 3 kids and I didn't know what to expect. my appendix ruptured that night and my surgery wasn't until early that Next morning. that very next day after my appendix was taken out I had more MRIs and CAT scans done to view the mass.


In May, 2014 a CAT scan found a small lymph gland near my aorta that was the  same cancer.  I had another robotic surgery to remover the lymph gland and the had 25 days of radiation.  In hindsight, the surgery and radiation was not so bad. I had some minor pain after the surgery and the radiation caused nausia and fatigue.  It was as though I took a month off from everyday life to rest and care for myself.  Now I feel great and will continue to get my three-month check ups at MSKCC.  Life is very good for me.  


I Want You 2 Know

I want you to know that I serve a great GOD! HE loves you & HE loves me.

Have a fantastic week!❇

Renal Cell Carcinoma


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Shufflin' Off With Buffalo/An Adventurous Week

One to go!

Full size

(The moon is based on my shot of the May 5, 2012, Supermoon.)

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